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Sarah Rose Etter

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Sarah Rose Etter

ABOUT the author

Sarah Rose Etter is the author of RIPE, and The Book of X, winner of the 2019 Shirley Jackson Award. Her short fiction collection, Tongue Party, was selected by Deb Olin Unferth to be published as the winner of the 2011 Caketrain Award. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in TIME, Guernica, BOMB, Gulf Coast, The Cut, VICE, and more. She has been awarded residences at the Jack Kerouac House, the Disquiet International program in Portugal, and the Gullkistan Writing Residency in Iceland. She earned her B.A. in English from Pennsylvania State University and her M.F.A. in Fiction from Rosemont College. She lives in Los Angeles, CA.
Find out more here: sarahroseetter.com
Twitter: @sarahroseetter

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The Book of X Two Dollar Radio cover The Book of X

"Etter brilliantly, viciously lays bare what it means to be a woman in the world, what it means to hurt, to need, to want, so much it consumes everything.” —Roxane Gay, author of Bad Feminist
"I loved every page of this gorgeous, grotesque, heartbreaking novel." —Carmen Maria Machado, author of Her Body and Other Parties

Author Reading:
Sarah Rose Etter and Yelena MoskovichMay 15, 2020
Watch a reading and conversation between Two Dollar Radio authors Sarah Rose Etter (The Book of X) and Yelena Moskovich (Virtuoso)! 


Bookworm's Michael Silverblatt interviews Sarah Rose Etter | 8/29/2019
"Etter discusses life as loose ends, not something tied up with a pretty bow, and creating a novel not in search of resolve, redemption, or everything becoming better. The Book of X has a fresh vision that makes it a strange book in strange times." Listen to legendary host Michael Silverblatt as he discusses The Book of X. (Producers: Shawn Sullivan and Alan Howard)

Avant-Galaxy Podcast, Episode 41: The Book of X | 11/26/2019
Emmalea Russo talks with Sarah Rose Etter about her writing process and the origins of her new novel, surrealism, breaking from the “traditional novel” and the form of The Book of X, the internal safe space of creation and the space of engaging with the public, the need for holding space for more innovative/experimental writing, the letter X, Sarah’s experience on book tour, what Sarah’s currently working on, and more!

Otherppl with Brad Listi Podcast interviews Sarah Rose Etter | 8/7/2019
Brad Listi, in Episode 592 of his podcast, discusses how The Book of X came to be with debut novelist Sarah Rose Etter.

Writers on Writing Podcast interviews Sarah Rose Etter | 9/25/2019
Host Barbara DeMarco-Barrett speaks with novelists Sarah Rose Etter, author of The Book of X, and R.O. Kwon, author of The Incendiaries, about the art, craft, and business of writing their books."

Skylight Books Author Reading Series Podcast featuring Sarah Rose Etter | 8/14/2019
Listen to author Sarah Rose Etter in conversation with author Tommy Pico during this episode of the Skylight Books Author Reading Series."

Giant Panda Podcast (Ep. 49) interviews Sarah Rose Etter | 7/16/2019
Host Jamie Pickett interviews Etter: "On today’s episode we hear how an art exhibit inspired the story of The Book of X. She talks about surrealist writing as a mode of feminism. We find out what it was like writing the book during her residency in Iceland. We touch on how the place you’re writing in shapes what you’re writing and we find out if our dogs really love us."

Bookin' Podcast (Ep. 27) interviews Sarah Rose Etter | 5/13/2019
Sarah Rose Etter joins host Jason Jefferies of Quail Ridge Books to speak about her fantastic upcoming novel The Book of X.

CRAFT Literary interview with Sarah Rose Etter | 3/10/2020
Cameron Finch, of Craft Literary, talks with Etter about tragic characters, volcanic landscapes, how to ground readers in surrealism, and more!

Bustle interviews Sarah Rose Etter | 7/26/2019 
"Why Sarah Rose Etter Wrote A Grotesque Body Horror Novel About The Experience Of Womanhood" — Read the interview between The Book of X author and Amber Sparks!

Los Angeles Review of Books interviews Sarah Rose Etter | 9/4/2019 
Kate Durbin talks with The Book of X author Sarah Rose Etter. Read on!

The Believer interviews Sarah Rose Etter | 9/5/2019 
Robert Lopez talks with The Book of X author Sarah Rose Etter. Read on!

The Rumpus Mini-Interview Project #194: Sarah Rose Etter | 9/26/2019 
M. Randal O'Wain talks with The Book of X author Sarah Rose Etter. Read on!

Electric Literature interviews Sarah Rose Etter | 7/15/2019 
Jane Dykema talks with The Book of X author Sarah Rose Etter about how "her main character’s body dictates her experience, and what her experience says about trauma and the isolation it creates in a society so consumed with perfection." Read on!

The Nerd Daily interview with Sarah Rose Etter | 7/8/2019 
Etter sat down with Beth Mowbray at The Nerd Daily to peel back the layers on her emotionally transfixing work, The Book of X, discuss surrealist writing, and confess a few secrets from her past. Read on!

Vol.1 Brooklyn interviews Sarah Rose Etter | 7/17/2019 
Nicholas Rys asks The Book of X author about the origins of her acclaimed debut novel, what she is working on next, and so much more!

Neon Pajamas interviews Sarah Rose Etter | 5/13/2019 
The author of The Book of X talks to Neon Pajamas on her revision process, self-image, advice on getting published, and more!

The Brooklyn Rail interviews Sarah Rose Etter | 5/1/2019 
Andrew Ervin in conversation with the author of The Book of X on topics as far ranging as using surrealism to find truths, working through drafts while in Iceland, the music playlist that inspired her writing, and more!

Philadelphia Weekly interviews Sarah Rose Etter | 3/18/2019 
Kerith Gabriel speaks with the author of The Book of X on topics as far ranging as the structure of her novel, the female body, her past published work, and more!

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