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Sometime during the year of 2009, in the midst of the Great Recession, we (Eric and Eliza) spontaneously got our Two Dollar Radio logo tattooed on our wrists. It seemed to serve as a physical display of our never-ending dedication to our company and to our mission. We were living in farm country, in Ohio, a new baby company with neither industry connections nor stacks of money, the economy had just tanked in a big way, news outlets everywhere were proclaiming the "Death of Print" just as we were getting into the game... and we weren't ready to give up on our vision.

Then our thrice-published Two Dollar Radio author/friend Joshua Mohr sent us a picture showing that he had gotten the logo tattooed too. And then our dear friend and professional bookseller Emily Pullen got the tattoo on her arm as well. And the club was born!

In the fall of 2010, we publicly launched our Tattoo Club, inviting readers to tattoo the Two Dollar Radio logo on their person in exchange for free books. Since then over 40 members have joined the Tattoo Club from all across the country — from Texas to Iowa, from California to New York. While at events or conferences, meeting folks who've gotten the tattoo has been an incredibly fun and rewarding experience, almost like running into a long-lost friend. So, we certainly welcome any and all future club members! 


In exchange for tattooing your person with our boombox logo, you can choose any available 10 of our print books (U.S. addresses only!) or Ebooks, and be showcased on our website and social media as part of the Two Dollar Radio Tattoo Club.

* Print books will only be mailed to U.S. addresses (via USPS); Ebooks (.mobi or .epub) can be sent for any addresses outside of the U.S.
* Only the boombox radio image file we provide below is valid for joining the Tattoo Club.
* The art can be any size and can be placed anywhere on your body.
* Home tatts are just fine.
* Your uploaded photos and provided details will be used on our website and social media sites.
* Lastly, if you falsely claim to have gotten the tattoo, you agree to pay the full list price for each book received.

* All required information must be provided; here's what we'll need:
    > Clear and well-lit photographs of: tattooing in progress / finished tattoo / healed tattoo.  
    > Tattoo Date.

    > Tattoo Artist and Parlor Name.
    > Parlor Address.
    > Your U.S. Mailing Address for print books.
    > A little text explaining why you got the tattoo.
Please email all required information to: orders at symbol twodollarradio period com.
* After we receive your email, we will reply asking which 10 print books (must have a U.S.mailing address) or Ebooks (if living outside of the U.S.) you'd like mailed to you!


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From oldest to newest, here is the Two Dollar Radio Tattoo Club fam!

Eric and Eliza Obenauf, 2009
Inked in Columbus, OH.
"We got our logo tattooed visibly, on our wrists, to flaunt our dedication and determination. We have three babies: Rio, Maceo, and Two Dollar Radio."
Eric Obenauf and Eliza Wood-Obenauf Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Joshua Mohr, 2010
Inked by Kelley Premeaux at Painted Lady in San Francisco, CA.
"I got that tattoo because I believe in Two Dollar Radio just as much as they believe in my art. It's a family shop and I like to believe that I'm a part of the family."
Joshua Mohr Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Emily Pullen, 2010
Emily Pullen Two Dollar Radio Tattoo Club

Kevin Thomas, 2010
Inked by Lisa at Icon Tattoo in Portland, OR.
Check out Kevin's very cool illustrated HORN! Reviews on The Rumpus here
Kevin Thomas Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Cory Bennet

Ian Dick Jones

Jason Jefferies

Shawn Mitchell

Debbie Paredes

Mike Brezinski

Sanjay Bisht

Brian Manning

Kyle Pratt

Casey Jordan Mills

Dan Smith

Bradley Wojak

Caleb Andrew Ward

Myron McVeigh

Liberty Hardy

Amanda Madigan

Mark Snyder

Max Bowman

Jeremiah Murphy

Jim Taone

Stephen Lawson

Victoria De Leone

Andrew Miller

Annelise Maurer, 2013
Inked by Terrence at Champion Tattoo Company in Washington, D.C.
"I chose to get the tattoo not just because I want to read all your books and then pass them on to my library, spreading great literature and advertising you, but because I like small business, local business, and especially character and quality. And I like where I'm from. The first book I read of yours was Crapalachia — it's in the D.C. Public Library's biography section. I've wholly appreciated your press ever since."
Annelise Maurer Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Too Feral, 2013
Inked by Chris Primm at Sleeping Giant Tattoo in San Diego, CA.
"I wanted to be part of the tattoo club and get me some books!"
Too Feral Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Matt Dutto, 2014
Inked by Kane Gordon at Inksmith & Rogers in Jacksonville, FL.
Matt Dutto Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Kendall Arakawa, 2015
Inked by Sketch at GOT INK? Tattoos and Piercings in Statesboro, GA.
"I got this tattoo as an appreciation for the diversity and quality of literature that Two Dollar Radio features. Also, I'm a senior in nursing school and need some leisure reading."
Kendall Arakawa Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Benjamin Kerns, 2015
Inked by Other Dave at Webber Tattoo Company in Sarasota, FL.
"I got this tattoo because you guys publish awesome books and your logo looks damn good as a tattoo!"
Benjamin Kerns Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Bryan Hale, 2015
Inked by Brian Baker at Electric Ink in Russellville, AR.
"Larissa and I had been (and still are) in the process of starting a small independent press and had begun to look at other companies for inspiration and ideas. Coming across Two Dollar Radio was an amazing breath of fresh air. Everything we read was really enjoyable, and we sort of set you guys on a pedestal as inspiration as we slowly get our own press going. We weren't initially sure about the tattoo idea, but were sold on it once we had purchased and read a few of your books."
Bryan Hale Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Cassandra Andrus, 2015
Inked by Brian Baker at Black Cross Tattoo Parlor in Russellville, AR.
"Five buddies and I decided to get the tattoo as a buddy-tat. I like books, I like small presses and small creative enterprises in general, I like tattoos, I like making questionable decisions, and I like my buddies."
Cassandra Andrus Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Brynn Kingsley, 2016
Inked at Gen at Infinite Art in
Toledo, OH.
"I got this because I am a voracious reader and I also love tattoos. What better way to combine them than by getting a cute tattoo of an awesome, independent publisher? Plus free books ftw!"
Brynn Kingsley Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Kit Maria, 2016
Inked at Gen at Infinite Art in Toledo, OH.
"I got this tattoo because I love tattoos as well and because I wanted to help support my girlfriends obsession with owning as many books as humanly possible (and maybe a few more on top of that)."Kit Maria Two Dollar Radio Tattoo Club

Teresa Pollack, 2016
Inked by Paul Anderson at 'Derma Doodlez' Parlor in Fairmont, WV.
"I LOVE tattoos and books; they're two of my favorite things, actually. So coupling the two together seemed logical to me. Y'all have an awesome logo, so I loved looking at it anyway, then when I found out you actually have a club? Well that was a no-brainer. Now I can look at it any time. It looks crazy badass in front of a pile of books!!! What *really* pushed me over the edge, however, was my undying devotion to indie presses and my desire to push good lit into everyone's hands. I'm proud to donate a 2" by 3" portion of my ankle to Two Dollar Radio ad space. Why not? If it even helps sell one book, or converts one person into a fan, I feel the tattoo will have served its purpose. And so far, I've gotten a zillion questions about what it is, and have several of my friends wanting to borrow Two Dollar Radio titles. Job completed!" 
Teresa Pollack Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Joe Haeger, 2016
Inked by Mark T. at Screaming' Ink Parlor, Spokane, WA.
"I love books. Reading and writing, they give me something to look forward to, and indie presses have expanded my reading immensely in the last few years. And a box of books is a good incentive, too."
Joe Haeger Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Brian Obenauf, 2016
Inked in Detroit, MI.

Brian Obenauf Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Mila Jaroniec, 2016
Inked by Kyle Klippel at Assassin Tattoo Studio in Akron, OH.
"This is the best deal on books a die-hard fan could imagine! I love the work you put out and hope to join your author family someday."
Mila Jaroniec Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Kara Hamilton, 2017
Inked by Alli Davis at Maiden Voyage Tattoo Studio in Pekin, IL.
"I love small presses, your books, tattoos, and free stuff, so this seemed like a pretty sweet deal!"
Kara Hamilton Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Matt Sharp, 2017
Inked by Van (@vanityinkz) at Black Attic Tattoo in New York, NY.
"First member of the Trump Age. I have to read great books like yours and poke myself with needles while we still can!!"
Matt Sharp Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Leesa Dean, 2017
Inked by partner Matty Kakes at home in British Columbia, Canada.
"I like the idea of paying tribute to books and indie publishers (my publisher here in Canada is indie as well). I'm a book nerd and in August I'm going to get a half sleeve of book related images on my left arm. The radio was a test run, I suppose, plus I liked the idea of being tattooed by my partner. It was a sweet bonding experience. After the tattoo, he made me an omelette and we snuggled."
Leesa Dean Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Jenny Catlin, 2017
Inked by Bonnie Gillson at Mom's Custom Tattoos and Piercings in Spokane, WA.
"I'm a writer and a reader, and not much else. I read Joshua Mohr's Damascus a handful of years ago in LA, looked up Two Dollar Radio and thought the little boombox was a bad ass logo for a bad ass publishing house. I meant to join the old tattoo club back then, but ya know, life and things. I just reread Damascus a few weeks ago and remembered the tattoo club, so here I am. I write odd-ish nonfiction, and I love writing that challenges traditional narratives, forms, persona. I felt better knowing a press like Two Dollar Radio is out there, making the world a better place. Don't go changing."
Jenny Catlin Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Brett Gregory (left), 2017
Brett Gregory Two Dollar Radio Tattoo Club

Brenna Womer, 2018
Inked by Ryan Wheaton at Eternal Tattoo in Springfield, MO.
"I was first introduced to Two Dollar Radio at AWP in March of 2018 in Tampa. The press's table was unique, as were the gorgeous and varied covers of the books, and the person working the table was enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the press and its contributors. I already owned They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us, which is such an important text, and purchased How To Get Into the Twin Palms at the conference. I am so impressed by the work the press publishes and want to support and promote its mission."
Brenna Womer Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

Danny Mulligan, 2019
Inked by Holly Simple in her apartment in the Rittenhouse neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA.
"I got the tattoo because I appreciate the roughness of your publishing company. I've been stuck on reading just "classics" and until I came along your authors was a bit disenfranchised with many modern authors. Also, reading these stories inspired me to write again, and gives me the courage to tell my stories without worrying about being perfect. The tattoo is a good reminder of that too."
Danny Mulligan two dollar radio tattoo club

David Weinberg, 2019
Los Angeles, CA.
The K stands for Katya Apekina, author of The Deeper the Water the Uglier the Fish!
David Weinberg two dollar radio tattoo club

Joel Bunch, 2019
Inked by Dustin Cleveland at Ritual Electric in Tulsa, OK.
"I am 34 and this is my first tattoo. A year ago, I ran across Found Audio at my local library (Fayetteville Public) and liked the cover. I enjoyed the book enough to research you as a company. Since then, I've read several of your books, both purchased and checked out through the FPL. Besides being into your books, I like the idea of getting a tattoo of a boombox because I love music and was a radio DJ is seven years. Although I did not pursue it as a career, it is still very much a part of who I am."
Joel Bunch Two Dollar Radio tattoo club

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