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When we started Two Dollar Radio, we referred to it as a "movement" because we wanted to transcend the boundaries of a traditional publishing house. Keeping true to our word, Two Dollar Radio Moving Pictures completed its first film and has another underway. We need a group of ambitious people who believe in our company and want to help us grow and continue to impact the landscape of independent publishing and filmmaking. While the Tattoo Club has gained members, we understand some people want to show their love for Two Dollar Radio in a less physically permanent and perhaps more engaging fashion. Following the trend set by record labels, we decided to create our own street team of creative individuals who believe in our work at Two Dollar Radio.

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We want you to hang up posters. We want you to go into your local bookstore and make sure they carry our books, and if they don’t we want you to tell them how they can get them. We want you to hang out with us at events and bring all of your friends!

Maybe you already do that. If you do, why not get rewarded for it? Street Team members will receive 5 books a year for completing the minimum set of expectations for monthly challenges. Those who go above and beyond will definitely be recognized and showered with gifts beyond their wildest dreams (galleys and signed copies and butterfly kisses, mostly).

If you are ready to be rewarded for your already steadfast devotion, tell us why. Tell us why we should send you stuff and what you plan on doing with that stuff. Let us know about all the hip places you frequent that need to be decorated with posters and flyers.


Our goal for this Street Team is divided into two parts, online and offline marketing.

General Responsibilities:
Will revolve around social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You will be asked to like events, invite friends to relevant events, share recent press and/or event flyers, tag yourself in TDR pictures, and tout other related events, such as book festivals and/or community markets. Additionally, when you tack posters to a message board or drop off postcards at coffee shops, take a picture and post it to social media and be sure to tag TDR.

If you see something, say something! If you see one of our books in your favorite bookstore, or a review in the paper, take a picture/video and post it!

General Responsibilities:
Public message boards, coffee shops, independent bookstores, farmers market-type events, and local schools are great places for posting flyers/posters. (All flyers/posters will be provided by TDR, so we ask that you not be frivolous when leaving behind literature.)

Although you won't be asked to attend all TDR events in your area, it is highly encouraged, as well as promoting all regional events to friends. It helps tremendously to show up to an event and know that you have a pack of five people there, rather than a roomful of empty chairs. At selling fairs or festivals, we may need help setting up/tearing down booths, manning event tables, and transporting TDR material. While all attendance will be volunteer-based, it provides you with a unique opportunity to post pictures of the event(s), interact with our authors and staff, artists in the community, and attend readings by favorite authors.

We welcome creative expression of all kinds and are always looking for new, artistic ways to increase our visibility. So, if you have ideas, don't be afraid to speak up!


FREE BOOKS: As long as you are able to complete some of the modest tasks and responsibilities that we expect of you, you will be eligible to receive your choice of any 5 Two Dollar Radio books (new or backlist) each year. Those who go beyond our expectations will be recognized and rewarded for their efforts, through merchandise such as t-shirts, or advance reader copies of forthcoming titles several months ahead of publication, or signed copies of new titles.

COLLEGE CREDIT: Some colleges may grant you marketing credit for your work/involvement, so be sure to ask - we're happy to complete any forms they require of you.

We will be with you every step of the way. Any and all questions regarding the Street Team should be posted to the Two Dollar Radio Street Team Facebook page, or sent to Molly at molly  [at] twodollarradio [dot] com.

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