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  • The Only Ones New Classics Edition (FORTHCOMING) QUICK VIEW The Only Ones New Classics Edition (FORTHCOMING) a novel by
    Carola Dibbell

    A Best Book of 2015
    "Breathtaking. [Dibbell has] delivered a debut novel on par with some of the best speculative fiction of the past 30 years." —NPR

    An edgy, intimate portrait of a mother and daughter in a post-pandemic world. Coming Soon!

    The Only Ones New Classics Edition (FORTHCOMING)

    a novel by
    Carola Dibbell

    $ 8.99 $ 10.00
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    *10 Favorite Books of the Year (2015) O, The Oprah Magazine
    *Best science fiction and fantasy books of 2015 The Washington Post
    *One of the most anticipated books of 2015  Dazed & Confused, BuzzFeed

    Inez wanders a post-pandemic world, strangely immune to disease, making her living by volunteering as a test subject. She is hired to provide genetic material to a grief-stricken, affluent mother, who lost all four of her daughters within four short weeks. This experimental genetic work is policed by a hazy network of governmental Ethics committees, and threatened by the Knights of Life, religious zealots who raze the rural farms where much of this experimentation is done.

    When the mother backs out at the last minute, Inez is left responsible for the product, which in this case is a baby girl, Ani. Inez must protect Ani, who is a scientific breakthrough, keeping her alive, dodging authorities and religious fanatics, and trying to provide Ani with the chilldhood tha Inez never had, which means a stable home and an education.

    With a stylish voice, The Only Ones is a time-old story, tender and iconic, about how much we love our children, however they come, as well as a sly commentary on class, politics, and the complexities of reproductive technology.

  • Us Fools (FORTHCOMING) QUICK VIEW Us Fools (FORTHCOMING) a novel by
    Nora Lange

    September 2024!

    "Past and present seep and bleed in this assured, richly ruminative, darkly funny debut. With exacting lyricism, Nora Lange chronicles the tumult and chaotic love between two unforgettable sisters. Us Fools is a marvel of brutal wit and wild charm—a brilliant, sweeping  chronicle of a singular American family."
    —Kimberly King Parsons, author of Black Light

    A tragicomic, intimate American story of two precocious sisters coming of age during the Midwestern farm crisis of the 1980s. Coming Soon!

    Us Fools (FORTHCOMING)

    a novel by
    Nora Lange

    $ 9.99 $ 10.99
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    With her debut novel, Nora Lange has crafted a rambunctious, ambitious, and heart-rending portrait of two idiosyncratic sisters, determined to persevere despite the worst that capitalism and their circumstances has to throw at them.

    A tragicomic, intimate American story of two precocious sisters coming of age during the Midwestern farm crisis of the 1980s.

  • Crapalachia New Classics Edition (FORTHCOMING) QUICK VIEW Crapalachia New Classics Edition (FORTHCOMING) a memoir by
    Scott McClanahan

    A Best Book of 2013
    "[McClanahan] aims to
    lasso the moon."
    New York Times Book Review

    An endearing and haunting coming-of-age story that announces McClanahan as a resounding talent. Coming Soon!

    Crapalachia New Classics Edition (FORTHCOMING)

    a memoir by
    Scott McClanahan

    $ 8.99 $ 10.00
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    *One of the Best Books of 2013The Millions, Flavorwire, Dazed & Confused, The L Magazine, Time Out Chicago

    "McClanahan's prose is miasmic, dizzying, repetitive. A rushing river of words that reflects the chaos and humanity of the place from which he hails. [McClanahan] aims to lasso the moon... He is not a writer of half-measures. The man has purpose. This is his symphony, every note designed to resonate, to linger."
    Allison Glock, New York Times Book Review



    Crapalachia is a portrait of Scott McClanahan’s formative years, coming of age in rural West Virginia, during a stretch of time where he was deeply influenced by his Grandma Ruby and Uncle Nathan, who suffered from cerebral palsy. 

    Peopled by colorful characters and their quirky stories, Crapalachia interweaves oral folklore and area history, providing an ambitious and powerful snapshot of overlooked Americana. 

    Beyond the artistry, there is an optimism, a genuine love for people and the past and memories. Even more, there is a grasp to bridge the disconnect between reader and writer, for McClanahan’s stories to bind us closer to one another.

  • What We Tried to Bury Grows Here (FORTHCOMING) QUICK VIEW What We Tried to Bury Grows Here (FORTHCOMING) a novel by
    Julian Zabalbeascoa

    November 2024!

    What We Tried to Bury Grows Here is a startling book, beautiful and horrific, that navigates the complexities of Basque Country during the Spanish Civil War, in which fascism and communism, regionalism and nationalism, and faith and skepticism do battle across a brilliantly evoked, suffering landscape."
    —Phil Klay, author of Redeployment and Missionaries

    A masterly crafted and haunting tale of survival, longing, and empathy, set during the Spanish Civil War. Coming Soon!

    What We Tried to Bury Grows Here (FORTHCOMING)

    a novel by
    Julian Zabalbeascoa

    $ 9.99 $ 10.99
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    Julian Zabalbeascoa is a fierce and assured new talent, and <i>What We Tried to Bury Grows Here</i> is a remarkable feat of research and imagination, as well as a transcendent literary accomplishment.

    In late 1936, eighteen-year-old Isidro Elejalde leaves his Basque village in Northern Spain, spurred to join the fight to preserve his country’s democracy from the insurrectionists by the rousing words of a political essayist. Months earlier, Spanish generals launched a military coup to overthrow Spain’s newly elected left-wing government. They assumed the population would welcome the coup, but throughout the country people like Isidro remained loyal to the ideals of democracy, and the Spanish Civil War began in bloody earnest.

    In Bilbao, Mariana raises her two young children while, with her writing, she decries the fascist-backed coup and their German and Italian allies, imploring the world to support democracy. As the Nationalist forces assault the country, Mariana and Isidro’s lives intersect fleetingly, yet in meaningful and lasting ways.

    Through a chorus of voices—a female soldier in an all-male battalion, a reluctant conscript recently emigrated from Cuba, a young girl whose parents have abandoned her in order to fight against the fascists, among others—we follow Isidro and Mariana as they struggle to maintain their humanity in a country determined to tear itself apart.

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