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John Elizabeth Stintzi author of My Volcano, a novel

Author photo credit: John Elizabeth Stintzi


John Elizabeth Stintzi

ABOUT the author

John Elizabeth Stintzi is a non-binary writer who grew up on a cattle farm in northwestern Ontario. Their work has been awarded the 2019 RBC Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers, and The Malahat Review’s 2019 Long Poem Prize. Their writing has appeared in Ploughshares, Kenyon Review, Fiddlehead, The Malahat Review, Best Canadian Poetry, and many others. JES is the author of the novels My Volcano and Vanishing Monuments, as well as the poetry collection Junebat. They live with their wife in the United States.

Find out more here: johnelizabethstintzi.com

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My Volcano by John Elizabeth StintziMy Volcano
"Climate change, time travel, startup culture, and volcanic eruptions intertwine in this sui generis outing from [Stintzi]... That Stintzi keeps all these plates spinning is a wonder; that they transform the chaotic present into a fiery, transcendent vision of the future is even more impressive. It’s a brilliant achievement."
Publishers Weekly, starred review

Geeks OUT: Interview with John Elizabeth Stintzi | December 16, 2022
Michele Kirichanskaya spoke with My Volcano author John Elizabeth Stintzi about inspirations, their writing process, advice for other aspiring writers, LGBTQ+ books/authors recommendations, and more!

The Rumpus: A Conversation with John Elizabeth Stintzi | March 28, 2022
Brooke Kolcow, for The Rumpus, spoke with author John Elizabeth Stintzi about the process of writing of their novel My Volcano, doomsday capitalism, global narratives, the nature of reality, and so much more.

Q&A with editor Eric Obenauf and author John Elizabeth Stintzi | March 11, 2022
Two Dollar Radio editor Eric Obenauf interviews JES about their inspirations for writing the novel My Volcano, how writing during the Trump administration and during COVID affected them, and so much more.

Publishers Weekly "Atmospheric Pressure: New Books on Climate Change" | Feb. 11, 2022
For Publishers Weekly, Liza Monroy spoke with My Volcano author John Elizabeth Stintzi about joining "the ranks of authors playing with the mythic proportions of the climate crisis through fantastical imaginings." Read on!

Quill & Quire interview with John Elizabeth Stintzi | April 2020
For the cover story of the April 2020 issue, Ryan Porter spoke with debut author John Elizabeth Stintzi about poetry, gender identity, and their love of the unconventional, right before the release of their first novel, Vanishing Monuments, and first poetry collection, Junebat.

CBC Radio's The Next Chapter by Shelagh Rogers | Sept. 12, 2020
Listen to or read an interview between author John Elizabeth Stintzi and Shelagh Rogers as they speak about why Stintzi used their debut novel, Vanishing Monuments, to explore the nature of gender, identity and memory.

Origin Story Podcast (E18) interview with John Elizabeth Stintzi | June 14, 2022
"John Elizabeth Stintzi (My Volcano) On Writing A Doomscroll Novel And Finding Humanity In The Absurd"
Hosts Phillip Russell and Ben Thorp speak with author John Elizabeth Stintzi "about how they captured the feeling of doomscrolling in a novel form, and how they found ways to ground the absurd in the deeply human."

Book Storm reading and interview with John Elizabeth Stintzi | Apr. 15, 2022
My Volcano
author John Elizabeth Stintzi discusses their new novel, capitalism, and the apocalypse with Book Storm, a literary podcast presented by Canadian indie bookstore Shelf Life Books

The Write Question, Montana Public Radio
"The art of the eruption: John Elizabeth Stintzi's My Volcano" | March 24, 2022
Host Lauren Korn interviews poet and novelist John Elizabeth Stintzi, JES, about My Volcano, "a meticulously-crafted tapestry of a novel… This is a conversation about reality and identity you don’t want to miss."

Page One: Where New and Noteworthy Books Begin
Poets & Writers | Feb.16, 2022
Listen to author John Elizabeth Stintzi read from their novel My Volcano.


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