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Gina Nutt author of Night Rooms: Essays

Photo by: David Nutt

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Gina Nutt

ABOUT the author

Gina Nutt is the author of the essay collection Night Rooms and the poetry collection Wilderness Champion. She earned her MFA from Syracuse University. Her writing has appeared in Cosmonauts Avenue, Joyland, Ninth Letter, and other publications.
Find out more here: ginanutt.com
Instagram: @ginagail

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Night Rooms essays by Gina NuttNight Rooms
"In writing both revelatory and intimate, Nutt probes the most frightening aspects of life in such a way that she manages to shed light and offer understanding even about those things that lurk in the deepest and darkest of shadows."
—Kristin Iversen, Refinery29

The Believer
 interview with Gina Nutt | 4/20/2021
Jeannie Vanasco — author of the memoirs Things We Didn’t Talk About When I Was a Girl and The Glass Eye, and an assistant professor of English at Towson University — spoke with Night Rooms author Gina Nutt about how also being a poet informed the writing of her debut essay collection, her writing process, demon cats, other people's dreams, and so much more!

The Smart Set interview with Gina Nutt | 4/8/2021
Melinda Lewis speaks with author Gina Nutt about her debut collection of essays, Night Rooms. They talk about 1990s mall culture, operating between implicit and explicit, how Gina's background in poetry worked with narrative prose, and so much more!

Maudlin House interview with Gina Nutt | 4/16/2021
Gauraa Shekhar spoke with Gina Nutt about her debut collection of essays, Night Rooms, growing an essay into a book-length project, the manifestation of upstate New York in her work, and life during covid quarantine, and so much more!

LIGEIA Magazine interview with author Gina Nutt | Spring 2021
Sean Sam spoke with author Gina Nutt about her debut essay collection Night Rooms, her major influences both in poetry and nonfiction, her favorite horror or thriller movie recommendations, what’s next the writer, and more!"

The Miss Manhattan Non-Fiction Reading Series, April 2021 edition
Gina Nutt reads from her debut collection of essays, Night Rooms, essay number 6.

Wake Island
Podcast with Gina Nutt - Night Room‪s | 3/31/2021
Host Paul Kwiatkowski talks with the author of Night Rooms: Essays about the enchantment of malls, movies like It Follows/Poltergeists/Showgirls, child beauty pageants, synesthesia, pandemic dreams, the final girl archetype, and the lost magic of video stores.

Burned By Books Podcast, Episode 11: Gina Nutt, Called to the Void | 3/27/2021
Host Chris Holmes speaks with Night Rooms: Essays author Gina Nutt about metaphors, sharks, what we fear most, body image, and so much more!

Largehearted Boy, Gina Nutt's musical playlist for Night Rooms | 4/21/2021
In the Book Notes series from David Gutowski's Largehearted Boy, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book. In Gina Nutt's own words: "The essays in Night Rooms splice personal history with horror film imagery. It’s a moody book filled with dreamy detours, lyrical interludes, movie night flickers, and reflections on 'final girls.' Theme songs and soundtracks can hinge our hearts to films we remember. In that spirit, I’ve compiled the following playlist, which embodies the book’s emotional landscape." Check it out!


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