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Kevin Maloney, author of the novel The Red-Headed Pilgrim (Two Dollar Radio)

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Kevin Maloney

ABOUT the author

Kevin Maloney is the author of The Red-Headed Pilgrim (Two Dollar Radio, 2023), Cult of Loretta (Lazy Fascist, 2015), and the story collection Horse Girl Fever  (CLASH Books, 2024). At times a TJ Maxx associate, grocery clerk, outdoor school instructor, organic farmer, electrician, high school English teacher, and teddy bear salesman, he currently works as a web developer and writer. His short stories have appeared in Hobart, Barrelhouse, Green Mountains Review, and a number of other journals and anthologies. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife Aubrey.
Find out more here: kevinmaloney.net
Instagram: @kevinrmaloney
Twitter: @kevinrmaloney

Available from Two Dollar Radio

The Red-Headed Pilgrim by Kevin MaloneyThe Red-Headed Pilgrim
"The Red-Headed Pilgrim is a revelation that achieves starry dynamo-level energy from the jump. Maloney's prose is sharp and vivid, full of trippy precision, and his story is funny, wild, painful and wise. When the road of On the Road runs into shattered middle age, this book is waiting for you."
Sam Lipsyte, author of Hark and The Ask


Q+A with Kevin Maloney about The Red-Headed Pilgrim | 5/19/2022
We speak with Kevin Maloney about the writing of his forthcoming auto-fiction, The Red-Headed Pilgrim, comic timing and authors he loves, being a young father, travel and wanderlust, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more!

Vol. 1 Brooklyn: Currents Interview Series, Episode 45: Kevin Maloney | 6/17/2021
Read author Kevin Maloney's current favorites and plans in Currents, an Interview Series with Brian Alan Ellis. Topics include Frisbee golfers, Chad VanGaalen, ladybugs, Panama, greenhouses, hot tubs, and more!

Vol. 1 Brooklyn interview with Kevin Maloney | 6/15/2015
Tobias Carroll spoke with author Kevin Maloney upon the release of his book Cult of Loretta. Topics include the origin, inspiration, and process of writing the book, the Portland music scene of the late 90s, and more!

Hobart interview with author Kevin Maloney | 7/10/2015
Pat Siebel spoke with author Kevin Maloney upon the release of his book Cult of Loretta. Topics include drugs, Portland, Oregon, as a character, making an ugly world beautiful, Elliott Smith, and so much more!

ELEVEN interview with Portland writer Kevin Maloney | 11/15/2015
Scott McHale spoke with author Kevin Maloney upon the release of his book Cult of Loretta. Topics include the crafting of the book's character, Loretta, being in a band in the ’90s in Portland, the book's philosophical themes, and more!


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