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With this Two Dollar Radio sale, buy one book and get another book by the same author for 50% off!

One of the great joys of publishing is getting to work hand-in-hand with our incredibly creative and talented authors. So it's always special when we get to work with them on a second, third, or even fourth book.

We want to make it easy for you to engage with their work, and are pleased to happy our author Double Exposure sale, where when you buy one book by an author, you can score a second one for half-off!

Joshua Mohr: In January 2017, we released Joshua Mohr's first work of non-fiction, his searing memoir, Sirens. We also published Josh's first 3 novels, including Some Things That Meant the World to Me, which was our first bestseller and one of O, The Oprah Magazine's best books of 2009; Termite Parade, was the first of our titles to be an Editors' Choice pick at the New York Times Book Review; and Damascus, which the Wall Street Journal flagged as "big-hearted." 

Barbara Browning: Barbara's work is a quiet treasure that sneaks up on you and packs an emotional wallop. Her novel, The Correspondence Artist, is quirky, hilarious, and arresting, while I'm Trying to Reach You is a murder mystery like none other, one in which the victims are famous dancers and the puzzle is pieced together on cryptic YouTube videos. Fun fact: Barbara also suggested the name "Maceo" as our son's name.

Xiaoda Xiao: Xiao is a personal hero. After spending his twenties in a labor prison for tearing a poster of Mao, Xiao attempted to shed light on prison life by writing stories that captured the day to day realities and travails in stark opposition to the romanticized stories popular at the time. For his effort, he was censored, and immigrated to the U.S. where he translated his own stories into English so that they might be read, and his voice heard. Xiao's novel The Cave Man is an epic saga of one man's struggle to re-assimilate into Chinese culture after imprisonment, while The Visiting Suit—Xiao's memoir-in-stories—was praised by O, The Oprah Magazine for "personify[ing] the compassion, humor, and dignity inherent not just in survival but in triumphing over despair."

Scott McClanahan: We love working with Scott. Not only did we publish his gut-punchingly powerful book, Crapalachia, we also cast him in our second film, The Removals, where he ad-libbed lines and wrote "chicken wings" over and over on the props. When we set out to find someone to write original text for Ricardo Cavolo's stunning graphic novel, The Incantations of Daniel Johnston, Scott was the obvious choice. The manner in which he can evince drama and humor in such few words is unparalleled.

Francis Levy: Francis's satires are so striking and original that Brazilian government officials demanded an apology for their publication. That book was Seven Days in Rio, in which a sex tourist becomes waylaid at a psychoanalytic conference, and which the New York Times Book Review called "[a] fever dream of a novel." His debut novel, Erotomania, earned him comparisons to Henry Miller, which ain't too shabby. More fun trivia: Francis is the only one of our authors to hold a third-degree black belt.

Jay Neugeboren: Kirkus Reviews has said, "[Neugeboren] might not be as famous as some of his compeers, like Philip Roth or John Updike, but it's becoming increasingly harder to argue that he's any less talented," and we couldn't agree more.

Rudolph Wurlitzer: The Drop Edge of Yonder, Wurlitzer's first novel in a quarter-century, was an immediate classic upon its publication in 2008, and our first big break-out success as a press. We are thrilled to have reissued Wurlitzer's first 3 novels as well, Nog, Flats, and Quake. Rudy is "a writer [whose work] should be as well known as anything by Cormac McCarthy, Steve Erickson, or Jim Harrison."

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