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Kathryn Bromwich author of the novel At the Edge of the Woods, 2023

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Kathryn Bromwich

ABOUT the author

Kathryn Bromwich is a writer and commissioning editor on The Observer newspaper in London. She writes about all aspects of culture, including music, film, TV, books, art and more, and has contributed to publications including Little White Lies, Dazed, Vice, Time Out and The Independent. She has lived in Italy, Austria and the UK and is currently based in east London. At the Edge of the Woods is her debut novel.

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At the Edge of the Woods by Kathryn BromwichAt the Edge of the Woods
"At The Edge of the Woods is an exceptional debut; uncanny, unsettling, original and subtle. Gradually, it beckons the reader deeper into both its forests and its mysteries; I was reminded at times of the work of Dolores Redondo's Baztan trilogy, and at others of Robert Seethaler's slender chronicles of remote European mountain communities." —Robert Macfarlane, author of Underland: A Deep Time Journey

Orion Magazine: "Beware the Woods: 10 Memorable Forests from Literature" | June 2023
Orion Magazine features recommended reading from author Kathryn Bromwich, author of At the Edge of the Woods!


Damian Barr’s Literary Salon | August 23, 2023
Podcast Episode: "Book of the Week: At the Edge of the Woods by Kathryn Bromwich"
"With a deft hand and slow-burn tension, At the Edge of the Woods is a captivating novel for anyone who enjoyed Unsettled Ground by Claire Fuller or Strega by Johanne Lykke Holm." On this episode of Damian Barr’s Literary Salon, listen to an excerpt of the novel, read by author Kathryn Bromwich.


Writer's Bone Podcast: "Episode 607: Kathryn Bromwich & Hannah Mary McKinnon" | Aug 31, 2023
Daniel Ford speaks with author Kathryn Bromwich about the books and authors that she loves, the writing of her debut novel At the Edge of the Woods and how she was inspired to write it, living with long covid, and so much more.

Across the Pond podcast: Kathryn Bromwich, "At the Edge of the Woods" | Jun 27, 2023
Hosts Lori Feathers and Sam Jordison speak with author Kathryn Bromwich in the Across the Pond podcast, about her new novel At the Edge of the Woods. Plus, enjoy listening to an author reading!

AIR MAIL Interview by Lily Meyer with Kathryn Bromwich | June 3, 2023
"How a bout of long COVID during the height of the pandemic gave way to a London editor’s debut novel"
"In the earliest days of the pandemic, Kathryn Bromwich, the writer and editor for London’s Observer newspaper, found herself shivering indoors. She and her fiancé both had COVID—which, in both of their cases, turned into long COVID..."

An Indies Introduce Q&A with Kathryn Bromwich | May 24, 2023
Kathryn Bromwich's novel, At the Edge of the Woods, was chosen as a Summer/Fall 2023 Indies Introduce selection. Mallory Melton—of BookPeople in Austin, Texas—served on the panel that selected Bromwich’s debut for Indies Introduce and spoke with Kathryn about her debut novel, her influences, why she was drawn to the book's themes of climate crisis, class, infertility, and traditional femininity, how her journalism writing and her writing of fiction intersect, and more!

Bookin’ Podcast: Kathryn Bromwich | May 1, 2023
"This week, host Jason Jefferies is joined by Kathryn Bromwich, who discusses her new novel At the Edge of the Woods... Topics of conversation include Richard Powers' The Overstory, wilderness narratives that captivate our imaginations, a female protagonist living off the grid, how one's mind works first thing in the morning, a mountain as a sentient being, practicing one's smile in the mirror, guilt over not attending church, and much more." Bookin' Podcast is sponsored by indie bookstore Explore Booksellers.

Q&A with author Kathryn Bromwich | Oct 11, 2022
Two Dollar Radio editor Eric Obenauf spoke with the At the Edge of the Woods novelist Kathryn Bromwich about her debut novel, the concept of "traditional femininity," nature writing and our climate emergency, her personal experience with long Covid, what she loves about her job as a commissioning editor on The Observer newspaper in London, and so much more!


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