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Double Exposure sale

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With this Two Dollar Radio sale, buy one book and get another book by the same author for about 50% off, at $17.99* plus shipping! 

One of the great joys of publishing is getting to work hand-in-hand with our incredibly creative and talented authors. So it's always special when we get to work with them on a second, third, or even fourth book. We want to make it easy for you to engage with their work, and are pleased to offer our Double Exposure sale, where when you buy one book by an author, you can score a second one for half off!

*Please note that the cost is $21.99 plus shipping for the "Scott McClanahan bundle" due to the higher printing cost of the full-color graphic novel The Incantations of Daniel Johnston.

(As our stock levels change, some book bundles may become unavailable from the above dropdown menu.)

Jana Benova Janet Livingstone booksJana Beňová, translated from the Slovak by Janet Livingstone: We were so thrilled to be the first U.S. publisher for Beňová — winner of the European Union Prize for Literature — that we signed two books at once! In 2017 we released Seeing People Off, which Publishers Weekly reviewed, saying: "[Beňová] is in the first generation of post-Soviet writers for whom scarcity and censorship is a recent memory, and the political is always lurking just behind the breezy Aimee Bender-like prose," and NPR called "a fascinating novel." In 2018 we are unleashing Away! Away! in which, with magnetic, sparkling prose, Beňová delivers a lively mosaic that ruminates on human relationships, our greatest fears and desires.

Barbara Browning booksBarbara Browning: Barbara's work is a quiet treasure that sneaks up on you and packs an emotional wallop. Her novel, The Correspondence Artist, is quirky, hilarious, and arresting, while I'm Trying to Reach You is a murder mystery like none other, one in which the victims are famous dancers and the puzzle is pieced together on cryptic YouTube videos.

Melanie Finn booksMelanie Finn: Declared John Williams, New York Times, in his review of The Gloaming: "Finn is a remarkably confident and supple storyteller." And we could not agree more! We published Melanie's second novel, The Gloaming (Shame in the UK), in 2016 and pounced at the chance to publish her novel The Underneath in 2018, our first ever hardcover edition! The Underneath is also available as a paperback edition. In 2021 we again had the great honor of publishing Finn with the remarkable and fierce feminist thriller The Hare, praised by the likes of People Magazine, Star Tribune, Women’s Review of Books, Ploughshares, Ms. Magazine, Lit Hub, New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Vulture, Bustle, BuzzFeed, Marie Claire, Elle, and more. You can count on Melanie Finn crafting a story that is rich, intricate, deep, and suspenseful, and within the first page, being wrapped around her little finger.

Please note that the cost is $21.99 plus shipping for the "Scott McClanahan bundle" due to the higher printing cost of the full-color graphic novel The Incantations of Daniel Johnston.

Scott McClanahan booksScott McClanahan: We love working with Scott. Not only did we publish his gut-punchingly powerful book, Crapalachia, we also cast him in our second film, The Removals, where he ad-libbed lines and wrote "chicken wings" over and over on the props. When we set out to find someone to write original text for Ricardo Cavolo's stunning graphic novel, The Incantations of Daniel Johnston, Scott was the obvious choice. The manner in which he can evince drama and humor in such few words is unparalleled.

Yelena Moskovich books Virtuoso and A Door Behind a DoorYelena Moskovich: We published Yelena's second novel Virtuoso, in 2020, when it was longlisted for the Swansea University Dylan Thomas Prize. And we published her novel A Door Behind a Door in 2021. Michael Schapira, in a Full Stop Magazine interview described the book this way: “A Door Behind a Door is Yelena Moskovich’s third novel, her contribution to a venerable literary tradition of exploring Hell, with its telescoping time and scrambled geography, its thick atmosphere of mystery and violence—you are not off thinking about the world of David Lynch. It is a highly addictive book, unfolding in poetic little bursts that take up and stretch noirish crime fiction, the Russian literary inheritance, and surrealism." Do we love Yelena Moskovich's brilliant writing? Yes, yes we do.

Masande Ntshanga Two Dollar Radio novels The Reactive and TriangulumMasande Ntshanga: In 2016 we published Masande's debut novel The Reactive —shortlisted for the 2015 Barry Ronge Fiction Prize and longlisted for the 2015 Etisalat Prize for Literature—and were so happy he was able to make the hop across the pond all the way from South Africa to do a U.S. tour, with Eric and Brett as his tour mates. His next novel, Triangulumshortlisted for the 2020 Nomo Awards for Best Novel—which we published in 2019, is an ambitious, often philosophical and genre-bending novel that covers a period of over 40 years in South Africa’s recent past and near future. Masande is the winner of the Betty Trask Award (2018), winner of the inaugural PEN International New Voices Award in 2013, and a finalist for the Caine Prize in 2015. He was born in East London in 1986 and graduated with a degree in Film and Media and an Honours degree in English Studies from UCT, where he became a creative writing fellow, completing his Masters in Creative Writing under the Mellon Mays Foundation. He received a Fulbright Award, an NRF Freestanding Masters scholarship, a Civitella Ranieri Fellowship and a Bundanon Trust Award. His work has appeared in The White ReviewChimurengaVICE and n + 1. He has also written for Rolling Stone Magazine. 

Bennett Sims booksBennett Sims: We could not be any more pleased to have released not only Bennett's debut novel, but also his first short story collection! This novel, A Questionable Shape, won the Bard Fiction Prize (2014), was a finalist for The Believer Book Award, and was named "One of the Best Books of 2013" by the likes of Complex Magazine, Book Riot, Slate, The L Magazine, NPR's 'On Point', and Salon. With White Dialogues, his first collection of short stories, he again dazzles us with his intellectual firepower and wit.

Rudolph Wurlitzer booksRudolph Wurlitzer: The Drop Edge of Yonder, Wurlitzer's first novel in a quarter-century, was an immediate classic upon its publication in 2008, and our first big break-out success as a press. We are thrilled to have reissued Wurlitzer's first 3 novels as well, Nog, Flats, and Quake. Rudy is "a writer [whose work] should be as well known as anything by Cormac McCarthy, Steve Erickson, or Jim Harrison."