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Author photo credit: Carmen Maria Machado


Bennett Sims

ABOUT the author

Bennett Sims was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is the author of the story collection Other Minds and Other Stories (2023), the novel A Questionable Shape (2013), which received the Bard Fiction Prize and was a finalist for The Believer Book Award, and the story collection White Dialogues (2017), winner of the Rome Prize for Literature 2018–19 and named a best book of 2017 by Bookforum. He is a recipient of a Michener-Copernicus Society Fellowship. His fiction has appeared in A Public Space, Conjunctions, Electric Literature, Tin House, and Zoetrope: All-Story, as well as in the Pushcart Prize Anthology. He has taught at Bard College, Grinnell College, and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

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Other Minds and Other Stories front cover by Bennett SimsOther Minds and Other Stories
"[Sims is] kind of like if Alfred Hitchcock and Brian Evenson raised a baby with David Foster Wallace and Nicholson Baker. Sims should be a household name in horror."
—Carmen Maria Machado, LitHub

White Dialogues front cover by Bennett SimsWhite Dialogues
"Anyone who admires such pyrotechnics of language will find 21st-century echoes of Edgar Allan Poe in Sims’s portraits of paranoia and delusion, with their zodiacal narrowing and the maddening tungsten spin of their narratives."
—Hannah Pittard, New York Times Book Review

A Questionable Shape: New Classics Edition
"The smartest zombie novel since Colson Whitehead's Zone One."
—Ron Charles, Washington Post

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"How Bennett Sims Wrote Other Minds and Other Stories: The author on literary traditions, writing habits, and “dilating individual moments to thick durations.”

Bookin' Podcast with Bennett Sims | 11/12/2023
This week, host Jason Jefferies is joined by award-winning author Bennett Sims, who discusses his new book Other Minds and Other Stories. Topics of conversation include the University of Iowa, flash fiction, mummies, zombie novels, David Foster Wallace and Carmen Maria Machado, cell phones, Alfred Hitchcock, and much more. [Copies of Other Minds and Other Stories can be purchased here with FREE SHIPPING for members of Explore More+.]

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Full Stop Interview with Bennett Sims | 6/18/2013
Meredith Turits talks with Bennett Sims about his debut novel A Questionable Shape, philosophy, his hometown of Baton Rouge, and more!

The American Reader Interview with Bennett Sims | 2/10/2014
Nathan Goldman talks with Bennett about expectations for his novel A Questionable Shape, why zombies appeal to our culture, and more!


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