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As a boutique press, Two Dollar Radio publishes bold works of literary merit, each book,
individually and collectively, providing a sonic progression that we believe to be too loud to ignore.

    • The Incantations of Daniel Johnston QUICK VIEW The Incantations of Daniel Johnston a graphic novel by
      Ricardo Cavolo & Scott McClanahan

      "Something wholly unexpected, grotesque, and poignant."
      The FADER

      Renowned artist Ricardo Cavolo and Scott McClanahan combine talents in a dazzling, eye-popping biography of musician and artist Daniel Johnston.

      The Incantations of Daniel Johnston

      a graphic novel by
      Ricardo Cavolo & Scott McClanahan

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      "[The Incantations of Daniel Johnston] captures Johnston's visions—both artistic and hallucinatory—in an intensely colorful cartoonish style and vivid recurring images: frogs, cascades of pills, volcanoes, eyeballs of many varieties."
      —John Williams, New York Times Book Review

      The Incantations of Daniel Johnston is a spirited, eye-popping collaborationg between New York Times-bestselling Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo and award-winning author Scott McClanahan.

      Long a fan of Daniel Johnston, the man and his music, Cavolo illustrates Johnston's colorful life, from his humble beginnings as a carnival employee to folk musician in Austin, to his rise to MTV popularity and persistent struggle with personal demons.

      In addition to being visually very striking, with astoundingly economical prose McClanahan manages to deal with powerful and complex issues, such as how we as a society mythologize troubled artists, while continuing his ongoing exploration of human relationships, and the pliable interaction between reader and writer.