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In celebration of Found Audio's one year book-a-versary, our newest team member at Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, Nathan McDowell (aka Nathan The Greathan), would like to share a passage he digs from NJ Campbell's mind-bending debut novel:

There's a strange rhythm to the swamp, a warm time that that wraps you around itself again and again. It's kind of like a thickness that's felt as a state of being rather than a tangible width that can be measured by a ruler or gripped by a hand, and this swamp was no different. The same feeling crept into every thought, met you around every corner. I give my indifference to any danger I might have been facing at that point to the swamp's singular feelings. This man could have done me harm, and I could have felt afraid, rather than angry, when I saw his grip on the knife or after we had been walking for a while, but I didn't feel afraid, and as time went on, I only became less concerned about circumstances of our journey and more interested in the man before me. I felt like I didn't understand him at all, but, more that that, I couldn't begin to imagine anyone who could.

More on Nathan coming soon. Stay tuned.

Posted by Brett Gregory on 17 July, 2018 Found Audio, Nathan McDowell, NJ Campbell | 0 comments
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Radio Waves daily blog by Two Dollar Radio indie book publisher

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