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Hot New Sales

While perusing the Two Dollar Radio site, we want you to feel special. That's why we've introduced some crazy new sales for your purchasing pleasure. Some people might think we're crazy, and that's OK :)

Hot Hot Sale

This is where you can score any 5 books for just $49.99

Hot Hot Hot | Radio Waves

Double Exposure Sale

This one is special. Get doubly exposed: buy one book and get another book by the same author for 50% off

Double Exposure Sale | Radio Waves

Damn I Look Fine Sale

Yes, we have T-shirts. Yes, we have books. Now you can pick one of our yearly designed shirts AND a book for just $27.99 (that's a $35 value)

Damn I Look Fine Sale | Radio Waves

Frequencies Sale

You can score ALL FOUR volumes of Frequencies for one easy payment of $20. Woah.

Frequencies Sale | Radio Waves


We are #stoked to introduce our Radio Rewards program. Earn point on purchases and special occasions. Redeem those points for more books (and other cool things).

p.s. Did we mention we also have Gift Certificates? Go ahead, charm someone in your life. 

Posted by Brett Gregory on 29 May, 2017 On the Dial, Sale | 0 comments
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Radio Waves daily blog by Two Dollar Radio indie book publisher

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