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Some of Us Are Very Hungry Now

a collection of essays by
Andre Perry

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Some of Us Are Very Hungry Now by author Andre Perry

*A "Most Anticipated Book of 2019" LitReactorThe A.V. Club, Big Other

"Beautiful, brilliant, bold... Tantamount to a slice from the Americana songbook. These essays are ballads, images from the self, isolated and marginalized in other countries and in his own land. These are songs of identity and sexuality and expectations the world has of African American males from those perspectives. Here's hoping this book will mark the start of a long and varied journey for Perry. If the goal of a literary traveler is to show how connected we are to one another, his debut collection is an assured indication of deeper glories yet to come."
—Christopher John Stephens, PopMatters


With luminous insight and fervent prose, Andre Perry’s debut collection of personal essays, Some of Us Are Very Hungry Now, travels from Washington DC to Iowa City to Hong Kong in search of both individual and national identity. While displaying tenderness and a disarming honesty, Perry catalogs racial degradations committed on the campuses of elite universities and liberal bastions like San Francisco while coming of age in America.

The essays in Some of Us Are Very Hungry Now take the form of personal reflection, multiple choice questions, screenplays, and imagined talk-show conversations, while traversing the daily minefields of childhood schoolyards and Midwestern dive-bars. The impression of Perry’s personal journey is arresting and beguiling, while announcing the author’s arrival as a formidable American voice.

Guernica Magazine | 11/11/2019
No Country: In an excerpt from his new book of essays, Some of Us Are Very Hungry Now, Andre Perry discusses race, identity, moving around the US, and the Midwest


Andre Perry's Stay Hungry Tour 2019!

October 3: Heartland Fall Forum
"Tasting Notes Dinner"
Cleveland, OH

November 12: Next Page Books
with Akwi Nji
Cedar Rapids, IA

November 14: Prairie Lights Bookstore
with Tameka Cage Conley
Iowa City, IA

November 16: Monsters of Poetry
Madison, WI

November 19: Politics & Prose (Union Market)
with Chris Maier
Washington, DC

November 20: Ivy Bookshop
with Nate Brown
Baltimore, MD

November 21: George Mason University
Fairfax, VA

November 22: Shakespeare & Co.
Philadelphia, PA

November 23: Twenty Stories
with Lucas Mann
Providence, RI

November 25: McNally Jackson (SoHo)
with Leslie Jamison
New York, NY

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"A complete, deep, satisfying read... The variety of structures, formats, and rhythms Perry uses in Some of Us Are Very Hungry Now is extraordinary... These essays shine with broken humanity and announce the arrival of a new voice in contemporary nonfiction, but they do so with heaps of melancholia and frustration instead of answers. That Perry can hurt us and keep us asking for more is a testament to his talent as a storyteller."
—Gabino Iglesias, NPR

"An interrogation of language, pop culture, society, and the self, Andre Perry’s essay collection Some of Us Are Very Hungry Now dissects uncomfortable truths and universalities... With his frank, empathetic tone and no-nonsense prose, Andre Perry is a fresh American voice that demands to be heard."
—Danielle Ballantyne, Foreword Reviews

"Beautiful, brilliant, bold...Tantamount to a slice from the Americana songbook. These essays are ballads, images from the self, isolated and marginalized in other countries and in his own land. These are songs of identity and sexuality and expectations the world has of African American males from those perspectives. Here's hoping this book will mark the start of a long and varied journey for Perry. If the goal of a literary traveler is to show how connected we are to one another, his debut collection is an assured indication of deeper glories yet to come.”
—Christopher John Stephens, PopMatters

"The strong writing, creative genre use, and authentic voice add up to some high-impact essays... careful readers will take time to reflect and perhaps gain new awareness and understanding."
Library Journal, review by ­­Stefanie Hollmichel, Univ. of St. Thomas Law Lib., Minneapolis

"Perry’s recollections will linger in our collective and personal consciences, serving as a call to consider our perceptions of blackness in American culture."
—William Blair, Little Village, Issue 273

"A debut collection of interrelated essays finds a young writer trying to navigate his way through identity and challenges of race, privilege, sexuality, and culture. Reflective and creative... [Some of Us Are Very Hungry Now is] a promising first book."

"Dispatching from the shallows of blackness, race, and tremendous desire, the expositions of Perry’s urgent debut essay collection are among some of the finest works of literature I’ve read all year."
—Paris Close, Paperback Paris

"In addition to his creative, thoughtful, and bold writing on race and culture, Perry shares love stories and music stories, most memorably in the title essay, which braids a stateside relationship's dissolution with a music-writing trip to Hong Kong. Especially because of the evocative way Perry writes about his past in charged scenes that often buzz with music, fans of Hanif Abdurraqib's and Jessica Hopper's recent books will want to take note."
—Annie Bostrom, Booklist

"I am so happy that I discovered Andre Perry and his moving essays. His ability to announce even the most egregious events with the beauty of his flowing narrative will stay with me for a long time. I recommend this book as a true gift of art. Enjoy your own discovery."
—Linda Bond, Auntie's Bookstore (Spokane, WA)

"Some of Us Are Hungry Now is like nothing I have ever experienced. The brilliance, transparency, and earnest exploration of race, class, politics, sexuality, and notions of home are collectively so nuanced that I am certain this book is like a comet—you might never see the likes of it again. With a critical gaze as sharp as James Baldwin's, and the divineness of a cinematic masterpiece as artistically complex and boundless as Moonlight, Andre Perry knows what it means to pull weeping from the soul. To be his reader is not merely an honor but a necessity. This is a book to treasure and to uphold for its genre-bending prowess and reach into the depths of popular culture, as one of the great responses to the question, what are we? Listen to Perry, for his voice is alive now, and real in a time that we, in this America, need more than ever. In these daring pages—unafraid, even in the dark—a literary star lights the sky."
—Tameka Cage Conley, PhD

"The gift of Some Of Us Are Very Hungry Now is in its brilliant and lyrical meandering. Andre Perry is a generous writer—one who is unafraid of the vulnerability that exists in inviting readers into a world that questions place and belonging. This book is essential, for how it asks with no expectation of answer."
—Hanif Abdurraqib, author of They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us, A Fortune for Your Disaster, Go Ahead in the Rain

"Andre Perry’s writing is utterly alive, scene-setting, visceral, candid and punk. Perry’s prose is transporting in this vivid experimental memoir, tackling gentrification, music, sexuality and the mutability of identity. Perry takes the reader along as he travels the world and untangles who he is from particular American racist mythologies. A remarkable debut."
—Jessica Hopper, author of Night Moves

"In this complex and compelling collection, Andre Perry holds his focus on all who seek to anonymize his sensitive and singular voice. His unwavering critical eye is attended by a kind of heartsick self-awareness; while he might pull a few punches from those who deserve it, he never spares himself."
—Amelia Gray, author of Isadora

"Please welcome Andre Perry and give him your attention. With an arsenal of honesty, outrage, and vulnerability, his essays are going to jolt you out of the dullness of whatever room you’re reading in and shove you into someplace new. It’ll feel uncomfortable, sometimes hilarious, heartbreaking often, and ultimately transcendent."
—John D'Agata, author of Halls of Fame, About a Mountain, and The Lifespan of a Fact

"Perry’s essay collection contains personal, deeply felt ruminations on identity, racism, and belonging."
—D.R. Baker, Book Riot '6 Great Books that Experiment with Text and Genre'

"Two Dollar Radio publishes outstanding literature, and this is a great book of essays that seems to present an awesome voice I'm not familiar with tackling a plethora of timely themes."
—Gabino Iglesias, LitReactor 'The Most Anticipated Books of 2019: The Second Half'

A "Most Anticipated Book of 2019"
—John Madera, Big Other

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Andre Perry author of essays Some of Us Are Very Hungry Now

Andre Perry is an essayist and arts advocate. He received his MFA from the University of Iowa's Nonfiction Writing Program and his work has appeared in The BelieverCatapultGranta and other journals. He co-founded Iowa City's Mission Creek Festival, a celebration of music and literature, as well as the multidisciplinary festival of creative process, Witching Hour. He continues to live and work in Iowa City. This is his first book.

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