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Watch a video of Eric Obenauf, publisher of Two Dollar Radio, in a Q&A with his children, Rio and Maceo, about the vision for Two Dollar Radio Radio, and a preview of what's in store!

Each episode highlights a vital independent anchor who passionately contributes to their community's culture, who we hope you will consider supporting now more than ever.

Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, a locally owned and operated family-run shop — and the brick-and-mortar of indie publisher Two Dollar Radio! — is an indie bookstore, performance space, bar, coffeehouse, and fully vegan cafe located on the South Side of Columbus, Ohio. As a bookshop, they carry an exciting, carefully curated list of titles almost exclusively devoted to independently published literature. Their full bar serves cocktails, wine, and draft beer, and the cafe serves locally roasted coffee, house-made vegan meats and cheezes, sandwiches, salads, pizzas, dips, and desserts. Their performance space features a wide range of offerings from panel discussions, local and touring author readings, musicians, magicians, trivia, themed storytelling, poetry open mics, and more. Visit the website here: twodollarradiohq.com
Two Dollar Radio Headquarters exterior in Columbus, Ohio

Two Dollar Radio Radio logoTwo Dollar Radio Radio aims to discuss community and literary culture by expanding on topics addressed by our publications through virtual events, podcasts, and video.

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Hi there!

Two Dollar Radio is a family-run outfit founded in 2005 with the mission to reaffirm the cultural and artistic spirit of the publishing industry. We aim to do this by presenting bold works of literary merit, each book, individually and collectively, providing a sonic progression that we believe to be too loud to ignore. Check out the ABOUT US section to read more...

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