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About this sale

With the Two Dollar Radio subscription, you'll receive our next 5 hot newly published books, delivered to your doorstep fresh off the press. Plus, choose any 2 backlist titles to be included in your first package. If you trust our editorial taste and judgement, then take advantage of this exclusive offer. (U.S. addresses only.)

That's 7 books for $60, which is around $50 off the sticker price!
(Please note that a $15 shipping fee is built into the price, totaling $75.)

If you would like to start your subscription with a specific book, please type the title into the box above.

Otherwise, from the date you place your order, you will receive the next FIVE consecutive titles published, every other month, with the first package containing your choice of TWO backlist titles. Books will ship to you as soon as copies arrive at our office, usually weeks ahead of the book's official publication date.

For instance, if you place an order in April–May, you will receive the May (1), July (2), September (3), November (4), and January (5) releases, each copy shipped separately.

Shipping Cost explained:
The cost to mail 7 books in 5 separate packages to your U.S. shipping address will be $3 per package, $15 shipping cost, totaling $75.
We will send a tracking number via email with each shipment.

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