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Sarah Rose Etter

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LIST PRICE: $17.99
PAGES: 350
PRINT ISBN: 9781937512811
DIGITAL ISBN: 9781937512828
RELEASE DATE: 7/16/2019



"Taut, macabre, with wounds electric, The Book of X will take your head off while staring dead-on into your eyes. Move over, Angela Carter, there's a new boss in the Meat quarry, and she is fearless, relentless, ready to feast."
—Blake Butler

The Book of X tells the tale of Cassie, a girl born with her stomach twisted in the shape of a knot. From childhood with her parents on the family meat farm, to a desk job in the city, to finally experiencing love, she grapples with her body, men, and society, all the while imagining a softer world than the one she is in. Twining the drama of the everyday — school-age crushes, paying bills, the sickness of parents — with the surreal — rivers of thighs, men for sale and fields of throats — Cassie’s realities alternate to create a blurred, fantastic world of haunting beauty.



Praise for Sarah Rose Etter's Tongue Party:
"If these stories were films, they’d be early Hal Hartley meets John Waters."
—Tara Murtha, Philadelphia Weekly

"Though the volume feels thin in your hand, don’t let this fool you; the collection is packed full of gorgeous, jarring stories."
—Blythe Davenport, Philadelphia Stories

"Watching each beautiful, terrifying, utterly bizarre story unfold is part of what makes reading this cohesive collection so enjoyable."
—Melissa Reddish, Emprise Review

"It’s like nothing you have ever read before."
A Little Tete-A-Tete

"[Etter is a] literary sniper—these brief fables are single shots to the dome. She needs no more than a page or two to bring you to your knees."
—Dawn West, PANK Magazine

"There’s a visceral quality to these stories that sometimes calls to mind the work of Brian Evenson."
—Tobias Carroll, Volume 1 Brooklyn

"This book is an odd look at relationships, a bit of mirror, a bit of shattered mirror glass, I mean to say a sharpened edge that might just hold our own face."
—Sean Lovelace, HTML Giant


Sarah Rose Etter, author of The Book of X (Two Dollar Radio, 2019)

Sarah Rose Etter was born outside of Philadelphia. Her first collection of short stories, Tongue Party, which was selected by Deb Olin Unferth as the winner of the Caketrain Press Award. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Cut, VICE, JUKED, New York Tyrant, The Black Warrior Review, Salt Hill Journal, and more. She has served as a contributing editor for The Fanzine and Philadelphia Weekly. She currently lives in San Francisco.

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FORMAT: Paperback
LIST PRICE: $17.99
PAGES: 350
PRINT ISBN: 9781937512811
DIGITAL ISBN: 978-1-937512-82-8
RELEASE DATE: 7/16/2019
SIZE: 5.5" x 7.5"

Printed in Canada by Marquis, with the following environmental statement:
*Inside printed on Enviro 100% post-consumer EcoLogo certified paper, processed chlorine free and manufactured using biogas energy. 
*FSC certified paper (inside and cover).

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