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This Week Roundup - 10/29/2021

This fall is starting to feel like a tornado. But not a gnarly apocalyptic Midwestern tornado of doom; more like a tornado of positive vibes that glisten like dew drops on blades of grass in the morning in the spring. So I figured what better time to fire up the Radio Waves blog communication machine and roundup all the latest happenings with our authors. Cause there's a lot going on that we don't want you to miss. So imagine it's a vibrant spring morning, you've got a fresh cup of coffee, and you've wandered into the yard barefoot and you can feel the dew and the soft earth underfoot. Those vibes. Behold:

  • "Rhythm and rhyme is maybe the most important thing to me when I'm writing. It’s part of hip hop culture, part of that music. I am a rapper myself, so when I'm writing, especially when I was writing 808s, I made the decision to take rhythm very seriously. I was counting syllables, even the essays and thinking about how many syllables are in a sentence in my essays. I definitely read everything out loud, multiple times. Again, being a rapper, coming from slam and spoken word was like my first real entry point into poetry. I've always felt what I write is meant to be heard, if not by me, at least, meant to be read out loud. I think once I started to understand that, I needed to write in a way that other people could read it, and still hear the rhythm without hearing my voice. I started to become much more selective with my word choice and what rhymes I made. There are certain rhymes that don't sound like it rhymes until you read it out loud, or unless you say it a certain way or put a stress a certain way. I spent a lot of time thinking about syllables, just syllables, masculine, feminine, slant, double rhyme, all those things, because it's important to me. It's fun, too, just fun." —Sean Avery Medlin, author of 808s and Otherworlds: Memories, Remixes, and Mythologies, interviewed by Joshua Bohnsack at Triquarterly
  • Sean Avery Medlin has several events coming up, including the below at Grand Ave Records in Phoenix. Check the calendar on their website for the full schedule.
  • And while we're talking about books and spoken word, how about you listen to one of the first audiobooks we've released at Two Dollar Radio: Sean Avery Medlin reading 808s and Otherworlds. It's available wherever you listen to audiobooks, but we recommend Libro.fm, where your purchase/stream can also support independent booksellers.

Here's what else is filling our brain-pan, non-Two Dollar Radio-related, this week.
What we're reading: Pity the Beast, a novel by Robin McLean, from And Other Stories, for bookclub at HQ (which you should join if you're around).

What we're listening to: "Friends," by Broncho. If there was one thing we needed after living through the past 18ish months, it's a song about friends. I made the kids blast this song twice through on the drive to the grocery.

What we're watching: Wu-Tang: An American Saga, on Hulu.

Sean Avery Medlin, book tour event

Posted by Eric Obenauf on 29 October, 2021 1 comment
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  • Cynthia GH King - July 18, 2022

    Will there be a flyover fest in Columbus in 2022 or are you just worn out?

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Radio Waves daily blog by Two Dollar Radio indie book publisher

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