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Nocilla Experience | Radio Waves

"But then the unexpected happened, J said to Sandra and to 5 other friends, all sitting drinking beer. In Madrid, an enormous Olympic flame appeared when a skyscraper called the Windsor Tower went up in smoke at 11:30 one night, the fire fighters powerless, the column of smoke visible from the adjacent cities, and the fire blazing away until midday the next day, a sunny February morning, and thousands of people, going out for bread and the morning papers, stopping to watch the inferno, the spectacular way it writhed and twisted. It was the day of the contemporary art fair, ARCO, and as you can imagine sales dropped that day by 50 percent. So what did people like more? I'll tell you what they liked more, they liked watching the burning tower, the real work of art. And if you don't believe me, someone light a match, see how we all instinctively glance towards it. Also, and you have to promise to keep this to yourselves, I know it was a work of art because I'm the one who made it."

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Radio Waves daily blog by Two Dollar Radio indie book publisher

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