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The Wire: Bud Smith's 'Dust Bunny City'

Dust Bunny City | Radio Waves

Check out the endearing chapter/poem from Bud Smith's Dust Bunny City published by Disorder Press:

Explaining Affection

yeah—it's a manic everything on fire feeling
it's things popping
and sirens making noises unnatural
it's fun to the funth power
forget all the other motherfuckers
narrow in on the good one
so yeah, bring your toothbrush
so yeah, bring your pillowcase
so yeah, lay right here next to me
for forty or fifty years
out on the street, someone in a loud car
thunders down the block
"Y E A H  B O O O O O O Y!"
and I get it.
Posted by Brett Gregory on 04 April, 2017 Bud Smith, Disorder Press, Dust Bunny City, The Wire | 0 comments
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