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Staff Spotlight: Sanjana

Get to know the people behind the press. This week, we interviewed intern and earth angel, Sanjana.
What are some of your interests/background?
Born in India, moved to Ohio when I was two, and now a junior at Ohio State studying Finance and English. When I’m not groovin’ to Hamilton in the Two Dollar Radio storeroom, I like creative writing, singing, and working on economic development projects in Columbus. I’m intrigued by the intersection of storytelling and social/economic progress – how can we use literature to create compassion and inspire palpable change?
What book have you read and loved in the past year? 
I adored “Bad Feminist” by Roxane Gay, a series of essays taking a deep dive into today’s art and media from the lens of intersectional feminism. In addition to the terrific writing and viewpoint from a woman of color, it pushed me to think of feminism as an evolving standard and disregard the myth of a perfect feminist.

Why did you want to work for Two Dollar Radio?
There’s a lack of the nitty and gritty in conventional publishing. Two Dollar Radio, however, produces titles that are a little offbeat, as well as creates a platform for women and people of color, voices much needed in American literature. And I love the physical presence of the headquarters in Columbus, a home to lit events, local zines, and community gatherings.
Also, it’s honestly any lit nerd’s dream to work for an independent publishing company. I aspire to be as cool as the people I work with.
What are you listening to right now? (music or podcast or both)
Binge Mode is a great podcast! Highly addicting, listen at your own risk.
If you could go on a date with anyone, real or fictional, who would it be and what would you do?
Hmm. Oscar Wilde. (Even though he’s gay. It’d be a friend-date.) We’d go mini golfing and converse about the woes of modern-day society. He’d be so into it! 
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Radio Waves daily blog by Two Dollar Radio indie book publisher

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