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Sayonara, 2016 | TDR Highlights

Masande & NJ Campbell | Radio Waves

2016 was a memorable year for many reasons, filled with strikes and gutters (as they say in the parlance of our times). So while John Oliver et al decries the awfulness that was 2016, we're going to run through some of our highlights of the year.

Square Wave | Radio WavesIn February, we brought you the "compelling and horrifying" novel,
Square Wave, an ambitious novel of ideas by the brilliant mind of Mark de Silva. The ever astute bookworm, Michael Silverblatt, proclaimed that Mark de Silva is "doing something that I think few people have dared to do."

We released our second feature film, The Removals, in May. Written/directedThe Removals | Radio Waves by Nicholas Rombes (author of The Absolution of Roberto Acestes Laing), Vol. 1 Brooklyn compared the work to Charlie Kaufman's film Synecdoche, New York and Tom McCarthy's novel Remainder. In the present political climate, the work is uncomfortably timely.

The Reactive | Radio WavesJune brought with it the debut novel from PEN International New Voices Award Winner and Caine Prize Finalist, Masande Ntshanga. The Reactive was welcomed as "a searingly, gorgeously written account of life, love, illness, and death in South Africa." Masande toured the U.S. in the fall—which was definitely a highlight of the year for us, personally—when the above picture was taken with N.J. Campbell, author of the forthcoming Found Audio.

We published our first graphic novel! The Incantations of Daniel Johnston,Incantations | Radio Waves by Ricardo Cavolo and written by Scott McClanahan, was praised by The FADER as "something wholly unexpected, grotesque, and poignant." Pitchfork named it a great gift idea, Men's Journal said it was one of the best books of 2016, and Publishers Weekly named it an Honorable Mention in their annual critics' poll.

The Gloaming | Radio WavesThis fall, we published The Gloaming, a novel by Melanie Finn, which was later named a New York Times 'Notable Book of 2016.' In a review, the paper called it "deeply satisfying. [The Gloaming] deserves major attention." Newsday called it "a psychologically astute thriller that belongs on the shelf with the work of Patricia Highsmith."

Thanks for reading our books, and for sharing them with friends and fellow readers.
And, I've got to say, we can't wait for 2017! We've got some incredible work lined up for you, including the first book of non-fiction by acclaimed novelist Joshua Mohr, a new book from award-winning author Bennett Sims, the debut novel by charismatic musician J.D. Wilkes, and our first essay collection. Buckle up!

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