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On the Dial | Richard Edwards

Richard Edwards | Radio Waves

Richard Edwards just played his first show in over three years at Sean Moeller's inaugural Gas & Seed Festival in Davenport, IA. Moeller is the mastermind behind the iconic Daytrotter brand, but has since moved on to focus on his own thing. He's been hosting fantastic shows in the Quad Cities under the name Moeller Nights. The Gas & Seed Festival took place this past weekend and featured acts like White Reaper and Julien Baker. Last September, he even hosted Two Dollar Radio author Masande Ntshanga while on his U.S. book tour for The Reactive. I was lucky enough to be there. Sean Moeller brings amazing talent to his loyal following in the area, where nobody is off-put by listening to a reading by an unfamiliar author or music act. Props.

Richard Edwards was the frontman of the prolific band, Margot & the Nuclear So and So's. They hit it big in the early 2000s with their album Dust of Retreat, which received mainstream success and birthed their hit single "Broadripple is Burning." Since then, the band has released a number of albums with no label support. These are some of my favorite to date, including Buzzard, Rot Gut Domestic, and Slingshot to Heaven

To me, no one has been writing music like Richard. Think Chris Bell/Fleetwood Mac/Big Star/Lucinda Williams with more modern/indie vibes and riskier lyrics. Richard has since dropped the "Margot" name, spent time in LA to track the album, ended a marriage, got diagnosed with C. diff (a rare and potentially fatal stomach ailment), and signed to the respectable indie label, Joyful Noise. Talk about a come back. Richard seems to be getting the coverage he's always deserved by major sources including Brooklyn Vegan, Stereogum, Spin, etc. He's one of the most forgotten, underrated songwriters in the scene. I hope he sells a billion records. Did I mention the new album name?? Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset. Buy it in advance, and listen to every song Richard has ever written.

Listen to his latest single, "Lil Dead Eye-d" below:

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Radio Waves daily blog by Two Dollar Radio indie book publisher

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