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On the Dial | Perfume Genius

The first time I listened to Perfume Genius was in 2015, at his concert with Jenny Hval at the Wexner Center. My friend Ryan invited me. We met a few weeks prior and quickly became inseparable. I did, and still do, trust whatever Ryan recommends, so I bought a ticket as soon as he invited me to the show. We rode our bikes to the concert on one of the first spring days in Ohio. 

Mike Hadreas, aka Perfume Genius, came onstage in an oversized Betty Boop t-shirt, fishnet stockings, and thigh high boots. It was a small concert. The audience wasn't in seats in the theater but on the stage with the band. It was intimate and beautiful and euphoric. I've seen Perfume Genius a few times since, and I've loved seeing him grow as an artist. 

Perfume Genius's new album, Set Fire to My Heart Immediately doesn't come out until May 15, 2020, but he's released two singles: "Describe" and "On the Floor." "Describe" is dark and moody. I played it every night on my drive home from work, before we all started working from home. "On the Floor" is more upbeat, and has helped me get out of bed on these quarantine days where everything feels impossible.

Mike Hadreas directed music videos for both songs. They are raw and poetic. Both videos focus on movement, something familiar to anyone who has seen Perfume Genius live. 


"Describe" by Perfume Genius 


 "On the Floor" by Perfume Genius


Listen to Perfume Genius, and move your body. Set Fire to My Heart Immediately comes out from Matador Records May 15, 2020. 



Posted by Molly Delaney on 30 March, 2020 music, new music, On the Dial | 1 comment
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  • Kris V Bernard - May 25, 2020

    oh my god YES, “On the Floor” has been my anthem since it was released! It’s both uplifting and moving – exactly what I needed weeks into this crazy world we’re living in. Everyone I texted to share the track with, paid me no mind.
    Thanks for this – I’m going to blast the vid now.

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