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OMG Book Festival | Radio Waves

In a recent article on Publishers Weekly, I discovered the super rad festival that is OMG Book Fest. Last week, the very first OMG Book Fest took place in Columbus, OH (ain't no place like it). OMG or "Oh Middle Grade" was organized by a group of four middle-grad authors geared towards middle-school readers. Described as a “traveling circus of books,” the festival intends to move around the country each year, with the ultimate goal of it being held in a different city every six months.

The festival included writing workshops, a magical creatures room, and scavenger hunts. With an anonymous donation of $5,000, every child who attended received a free book. Our pals at Gramercy Books were the official bookstore sponsor of the festival, and the Columbus Public Library even hosted a cocktail reception for adults in honor of the visiting authors.

As a resident of Columbus, I must say I'm pretty jazzed about the attention reading gets in the city. With organizing The Flyover Fest, I know how much work it takes, but also how rewarding it is, to see people interact within the literary community. I hope to see more OMG Book Fests pop up.

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