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On the Dial | BELT Mag's Columbus Anthology

The Columbus Anthology | Radio Waves

We had the pleasure of hosting Belt Publishing at the inaugural Flyover Fest this past May. Belt is a Cleveland-based online magazine and a small press that focuses on the Rust Belt and Midwest. Recently they have created a series of city anthologies, written by and for Rust Belt communities. So far, there is an anthology for Akron, BuffaloCincinnati, Cleveland, DetroitFlintPittsburgh, and Youngstown. Chicago, Grand Rapids, and (you guessed it) Columbus will be seeing anthologies of their own in the near future.

'The Columbus Anthology' will attempt to capture what Columbus is becoming, and to define a distinct cultural presence for Columbus and its citizens. It's the latest in Belt Publishing’s series of city-based anthologies. Editor Amanda Page is collecting essays, articles, and poetry about life in Columbus, Ohio, by writers who live in or have ties to Columbus, Ohio. Says Amanda: “The anthology is a chance to collect our thoughts about the place we live, the city we’re building, and the reasons we call it ‘home.’”

Amanda Page is an essayist and educator in Columbus, Ohio. Her work has been featured in Assay Journal, Eat This Poem, The College Investor, Columbus Underground, Modern Dog and Animal Wellness. She is on the advisory board for Wild Goose Creative, where she oversees the Flyover Library and subsequent events. Amanda also organized and hosted several panel discussions during the inaugural Flyover Fest.

Submissions for 'The Columbus Anthology' are open until August 31, so all you Columbus folks better get on it.

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