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On the Dial | 2017

Happy new year! Hopefully you're not too busy joining a new gym or searching for a new detox smoothie recipe that you find some reading time. New year. New you. This year, we've got some rad things on the horizon:

Joshua Mohr's first book of non-fiction, Sirens, officially drops January 10, and we are so fucking stoked. Sirens is our fifth Joshua Mohr title. We think he's just amazing. Our relationship first began when we published Some Things That Meant The World To Me in 2009, which made Oprah Mag's 'Best Books of 2009' list. A lot of Mohr's new memoir takes place around the time we published his first book. If you haven't checked it out, get on it.

In March we will be publishing J.D. Wilkes' debut novel, The Vine That Ate The South. If you're into folklore, this one takes you to the forgotten corner of western Kentucky, where vampire cults roam wild and time is immaterial... Wilkes is the front man of the souther-gothic rockabilly band, the Legendary Shack Shakers, and we are #pumped to release his first book. Jello Biafra calls Wilkes a "one man Southern Renaissance." Get excited.

We're also reissuing Rudolph Wurlitzer's "epic" novel The Drop Edge of Yonder with new a new design in March. Stay tuned for the reveal.

May brings acclaimed Slovak writer, Jana Beňová, to North American eyes with her magnetic novel, Seeing People Off (translated by Janet Livingstone). Beňová is the winner of the European Union Prize for Literature and we are ecstatic for this one. Australian Broadcasting Corporation calls Beňová’s short, fast novels "a revolution against normality." We can dig that.

When summer hits, we'll be dropping Found Audio by debut novelist, N.J. Campbell. This "wild, wonderful creature" of a book is one of the most unsettling manuscripts to hit our desk. I had the pleasure of staying at Campbell's place last fall, and the guy is a brilliant ball of energy. 

The latter part of the year will see a story collection from Bennet Simms (author of A Questionable Shape) and our first book of essays. More deets to come on those projects in the near future.

Here's to 2017. May people be nice to each other and you have time to read. Thanks for supporting independent culture. Stay golden.


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Radio Waves daily blog by Two Dollar Radio indie book publisher

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