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Design of the Week | The Wailing

The Wailing | Radio Waves

Two of my good friends have been raving about The Wailing for months. I guess I never dove in because the movie wasn't streaming anywhere (I missed it in theaters) and I couldn't find the time to take in the nearly three hour flick. Last week, the stars aligned and I could finally watch The Wailing alone in the dark. I rented it, only to find out it had just been added to Netflix. That doesn't matter. Holy Shit.

Written and directed by Hong-jin Na, this atmospheric, horror/thriller never skips a beat for nearly three hours. It may be one of the most unsettling and beautifully shot movies I've ever seen. The suspense builds continuously throughout, and I found myself peeling back layers second guessing everything. With underlying religious symbolism, it combines sci-fi, crime and pure horror, and drenches it all in rain and blood. If you've got the time (and don't mind subtitles) get to watchin'.

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