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Design of the Week | Hoof Hearted Brewing

Craft beer is, and has been, all the rage it seems. If there's one thing Ohio does well, it's making beer. In a recent article by Columbus Navigator, they break down the best breweries in the city according to Untapped. Coming in at #1 is Hoof Hearted Brewing. The quirky (sometimes offensive) brewery is doing their damn thing. I am lucky to work at a bar with close ties to the brewery, and have the pleasure of tasting most of their hard-to-nab releases. It's not just the dank and hazy beer that makes them greatit's their branding, even if it's heavy on the 80s nostalgia...

I hated the name when they first hit the scene. Basing your entire company on a fart joke? I guess we're living in some kind of time. What makes it work is consistency. They get away with their name and logo by producing excellent beer over and over, while pushing the absurd names further and further. Take a look at some of their ridiculous offerings:

Rosé Gosé. A hot pink sour beer brewed with Himalayan pink sea salt, coriander, and hibiscus. Pour some out for Patrick Swayze.

HH Rose Gose | Radio Waves

Roller Blabe. An Imperial IPA clocking in at 103.5 IBUs and 8% ABV. "One sniff and you'll be painted in animal print spandex and sporting a side pony tail."

HH Roller Blabe | Radio Waves

I'll Have What She's Having. A double IPA that looks like pineapple juice, but tastes like beer.

HH I'll Have | Radio Waves

Sidepipin'. "Bulging flavors that would normally require a third pant leg." This one may have crossed the line.

HH Sidepipin | Radio Waves

Cultrider. A black rye IPA brewed in collaboration with kick-ass psych-rock gods, EYE.

HH Cult Rider | Radio Waves

They also have a massive merch selection featuring the hippest threads around, as far as breweries go. If you're ever in town, check them out. The Brew Pub's one year anniversary party is this Saturday, March 4th

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