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Meet Joseph Grantham!

Joseph Grantham of Two Dollar Radio's Street Team

Have you ever wondered about that regal looking fella on the Street Team page? The one cradling a handful of Two Dollar Radio books, stapler in hand, looking intently into the distance, unsure of where his literary exploits will take him next? That guy is Joseph Grantham, a senior at Bennington College and former Two Dollar Radio intern. Joseph worked with us at Two Dollar Radio in the early months of 2015. After returning to school, we were happy to see he still wanted to be a part of Two Dollar Radio by joining the Street Team.

Get to know the man behind the moustache:

How did you first hear about Two Dollar Radio?

Scrolling through lit blogs/websites, I saw a Don DeLillo blurb on a strange looking pink book. Well, that was Mira Corpora, and from then on I was hooked on the Radio. Then Eric and Eliza were nice enough to let me hang out at their kitchen table and help out a bit with things.

What are some of your interests/background?

I'm finishing up my last term at Bennington College. Wrote a collection of short stories for my thesis, and I'd like to keep up the writing. Also helping out my sis with her small press (Disorder Press). I definitely steal things I've learned from the Two Dollar Radio crew. I also do some editorial work at the Bennington Review.

What is your day job?

Right now it's school. Don't make a lot of money doing school. I look forward to the debt.

What’s your favorite Two Dollar Radio title?

Mira Corpora by Jeff JacksonA bloody death match between Mira Corpora and Haints Stay right now. But Mira Corpora is a book I've forced on many people. I'll go with that one.

What else are you reading right now?

Rontel by Sam Pink, Desperate Characters by Paula Fox, and Manhattan Transfer by John Dos Passos.

What’s been your favorite experience with the Street Team?

Posing for those beautiful photos. I've never held a stapler with such purpose.

Are you a morning or an evening person?

I torture myself by being both.

If you could have anything in the world, what would it NOT be?

Any of the Republican presidential candidates for president.

Donald Trump’s hair or Ted Cruz’s second chin?

Both give me terrible nightmares.

What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

"Good Time" by Donnie & Joe Emerson. Someone needs to make a biopic about those guys. They have a strange story. "Baby" must be one of the best songs of all time.

What’s the scariest/bravest thing you’ve ever done?

Standup comedy. Pretty scary. But I think all anyone needs is a few beers to feel like the next Louis CK.

Chocolate or cheese?

Honor thy grilled cheese sandwich.

If you could go on a date with anyone, real or fictional, who would it be and what would you do?

Joy Williams. I'd pick her up and drive her over to Brad Listi's garage to be interviewed for the Other People Podcast. Then after, we could go sit in Los Angeles traffic and shoot the shit. 

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  • "The Real" Joe Grantham - February 23, 2016

    Hi Joey, sure enjoyed reading your interview. It’s probably better than the 2nd “joe grantham” could have done. Just remember that whenever you want to catch up with some “real music” or some “real reading” there’s bunch of each in the basement of our house in the my Prairie Village Ghetto. You are always welcome to whatever you might want of it. It might color your answers in your interview, in a MidWest sort of way.
    signed: “papa” aka “james parks” … this is a mystery. You may use "Joe #2 to help solve it.

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Radio Waves daily blog by Two Dollar Radio indie book publisher

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