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Crystal Eaters

a novel by
Shane Jones

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    *One of the best books of 2014  —Flavorwire, Entropy Magazine, Esoterrorist.

      "Jones demonstrates a tightrope-like eye for finagling between Pynchon-esque quasi-science-fictional feelings and the book’s physics, allowing almost anything to happen at any time, wrapped in a Wallace-like grip of childlike awe. The result is a novel that, paragraph to paragraph, is alive with imagination. Crystal Eaters is the rarest of kinds of objects, one that replenishes its readers’ crystal counts by simply being read."


      Remy is a young girl who lives in a town that believes in crystal count: that you are born with one-hundred crystals inside and throughout your life, through accidents and illness, your count is depleted until you reach zero. 

      As a city encroaches daily on the village, threatening their antiquated life, and the Earth grows warmer, Remy sets out to accomplish something no one else has: to increase her sick mother’s crystal count. 

      An allegory, fable, touching family saga and poetic sci-fi adventure, Shane Jones underlines his reputation as an inspired and unique visionary.

      Crystal Eaters by Shane Jones =

      Crystal Eaters by Shane Jones = Margaret Atwood + Aimee Bender + Glitter

      * In most cases, none of these writers endorse this book. Our math formulas are supposed to be amusing anecdotes, similar to shelf-talkers in bookstores that say "If you like X, you might enjoy Y," or "This Book is like Cormac McCarthy writing an episode of Saved by the Bell with a soundtrack by Philip Glass."


      "For most writers, logic is a restraint that’s always telling them what they can and can’t do. Shane Jones ignores most logic and instead invents his own."

      View the awesome HORN! REVIEWS review in short graphic novel/comic form.
      The Rumpus

      "[Jones is] something of a millennial Richard Brautigan. Read this if you want to read a book so visual that it will inspire you to create artwork of your own."

      "Crystal Eaters is full of sentences that jump at you like a pop-up book, painting a world that is at some times painfully real, and at others an exercise in vivid hallucinations. Jones is pushing genres here, not unlike George Saunders or Karen Russell, but using a harsher lens. Crystal Eaters grabs your face and pushes it up against a fantastic, sprawling, impressionistic painting of death and family."
      The Rumpus

      "In Jones' world, a range of colors lives inside each person—in fact, that very rainbow gives the body its power, its life. And although death will one day drain those colors from each person, Crystal Eaters reminds us that life itself is a luminous thing."
      HTML Giant

      "A powerful narrative that touches on the value of every human life, with a lyrical voice and layers of imagery and epiphany."

      "A mythical and hallucinatory experience of a family fighting mortality."
      Publishers Weekly

      "A grounded epiphany of the highest order, revealing the stark and majestic grace that is present within the loss each living thing must endure. Page after page, Jones's exquisitely styled prose drugs the ear like otherworldly music—this pyretic, hallucinatory novel stings with beauty at every turn."
      —Alissa Nutting


      Shane Jones Two Dollar Radio author Crystal Eaters

      Shane Jones' (b. 1980) first novel, Light Boxes, was originally published by Publishing Genius Press in a print run of 500 copies in 2009. The novel was reviewed widely, the film optioned by Spike Jonze, and the book was reprinted by Penguin. Light Boxes has been translated in eight languages and was named an NPR best book of the year. Jones is also the author of Daniel Fights a Hurricane and The Failure Six.

      Sneak Peek

      Enjoy a sneak peek read of Crystal Eaters here, on Issuu, and get a serious look inside the book:


      LIST PRICE: $16.00
      PAGES: 168
      PRINT ISBN: 978-1-937512-18-7
      DIGITAL ISBN: 978-1-937512-19-4
      RELEASE DATE: 6/30/2014
      SIZE: 5.5" x 7.5"

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