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"Kafka directed by David Lynch doesn’t even come close. It is the most hauntingly

original book I’ve read in a very long time. Nicholas Rombes' The Absolution of

Roberto Acestes Laing is a strong contender for novel of the year."

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Anna Karina is best known from her acting roles in the Jean-Luc Godard films, A Woman is a Woman, Alphaville, and our favorite, Pierrot le Fou. In addition to acting, she’s also written, produced, and directed her own features, authored four novels, and sang with Serge Gainsbourg. Karina had a tumultuous childhood, hitchhiking to France at age 17, where she began modeling after being discovered by an advertising executive at the famous Parisian café, Les Deux Magots. Who was it who helped Karina come up with her professional name?

What I want to know, though, is why all of a sudden is everybody acting like gangs are some new phenomenon in this country? Almost everyone in America is affiliated with some kind of gang. We got the FBI, the ATF, the police departments, the religious groups, the Democrats and the Republicans. Everybody's got their own little clique and they're all out there gangbanging in their own little way.


Penguin is publishing a book about popular Vlogger's "life and lifestyle and beauty tips." Maybe she can go on the Great American Costco Tour with W.


"Former President George W. Bush to sign books at the Easton Costco." Seriously prezidential.


China's government pissed at Kenny G for playing Hong Kong protest. Probably nice for G to learn he can get a rise out of anybody.