"The Office as scripted by Kafka."

Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"Unexpected and triumphant.”

Deb Olin Unferth, New York Times Book Review

"Kinney is a Southern California Camus."

Los Angeles Magazine


Find out more about Anne-Marie Kinney's debut novel, Radio Iris.

Year Zero is a post-apocalyptic (surf-) film, directed by Joe G., and produced by Globe, the surf and skate brand. It was shot on film and stars many of surf's name-studs either riding some of the most incredible waves on the planet, or wandering Mad Max-style through a psychedelic desert landscape that looks to be inspired by the pulp/vintage photography of Neil Krug. Indiana-based record label, Jagjaguwar released the soundtrack to Year Zero, which features a forty-five minute recording by which band?

Renata Adler's newly reissued novels, Speedboat (1976) and Pitch Dark (1983), consist of anecdotes, vignettes, jokes, aphorisms, epigrammatic asides, and longer passages of prose—eclectic inventories of consciousness. Their immediate effect is that of a flea market in Samarqand or Ouagadougou, where the items on display (vintage clothes, military decorations, photo albums, broken appliances) are fractionally different enough, in style and provenance, from their cousins at the local swap meet to look like artifacts of an alternate universe. Adler’s eye and ear for the peculiar are unmatched in American letters.


Jimmy Fallon's picture book inspired by daughter. Book called: "Your Baby's First Word Will Be Dada." Daughter's first word: Mama. Fallon's humor runs deep.


The National Book Award Finalists were announced. What's the word for the opposite of 'climactic?'


A singular blog post gets blogger multi-book deal. "I decided to start a blog and create a movement."