Our books and films aren’t for everyone. The last thing the world needs is an indie press releasing books that could just as easily carry a corporate colophon. Our work is for the disillusioned and disaffected, the adventurous and independent spirits who thirst for more, who push boundaries and like to witness others test their limits. We know we’re not alone. Let’s make some noise.

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  • On the Dial

    Eric: We're painting our house. That's gulping down all our free-time this summer. Which is fine. It's nice to be outside doing something monotonous where you can see real tangible progress every ten minutes. This weekend, Eliza's parents are visiting.... Read more →

  • Why All the Cool Kids Really Love Columbus

    An article at National Geographic came out yesterday titled 'Why All the Cool Kids Love Columbus, Ohio.' It starts out quoting from the vice president of Express, the shopping mall staple brand, tipping its hat that the article is either... Read more →

  • China and the Imprisoned Hong Kong Booksellers

    There seems to be a persistent trickle of news regarding blatant and shocking human rights violations that persist to this day in China. I've seen the documentary about Ai Weiwei, Never Sorry, and was directly made aware of the government's... Read more →