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Patti Smith's searing tribute to Robert Mapplethorpe, Just Kids, is poetic, inspiring, and incredibly touching. Smith had already solidified her standing as an iconic artist and musician, before the National Book Award-winning publication of Just Kids, but underlined just how versatile and creative she truly is. NME reported that in addition to the mystery novel Smith is currently working on, she is also writing a sequel to Just Kids. In the '70s, what band did Smith nearly become the lead singer of?

Much has been said about Robert, and more will be added. Young men will adopt his gait. Young girls will wear white dresses and mourn his curls. He will be condemned and adored. His excesses damned or romanticized. In the end, truth will be found in his work, the corporeal body of the artist. It will not fall away. Man cannot judge it. Fort art sings of God, and ultimately belongs to him.