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Dany Laferrière grew up in Haiti, emigrating to Canada after a fellow journalist he was working on a story with was murdered. His semi-autobiographical work includes How to Make Love to a Negro Without Getting Tired and The Return, which earned him the Prix Médicis. I Am a Japanese Writer follows a Haitian-Canadian writer who sells his editor on his new novel based off the strength of its title. The Japanese embassy gets wind and wines and dines the author. It's about identity, our associations as artists, and the way we connect with one another. Laferrière is the first Haitian and first Canadian elected into what?

It's years beyond the worst of it, and it's your time, Mom, a time of head starts and new starts and starting and going and not stopping – of re-dos and fixes, of gazing at full moons and quarter-moons and seeing what before were phantasms for-reals. If this streak keeps up (it will; why not), you've got the rest of your life, hell yeah it's a life, minus fatmouthing no-accounts. You hope – no, we hope (you and your eldest) that this year, next year, and the years after are an age of heartbeats, steady breath, and a healing for your harms. Smart money says you and I are in for seasons and seasons of pewter sunups and cold-ass sunsets and rain.


Biography of J-Franz scheduled to be published in 2015. Hope this will be as scintillating as Time's cover story, bird-watching with Franzen (a must-read if you're suffering from insomnia or don't know how to read).


Both hardcover and paperbacks out-sell e-books. Durh.


This is Where I Leave You hit the bigscreen this weekend. In case you'd like a recommendation on which movie to avoid.