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a collection of essays by
Gina Nutt

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LIST PRICE: $15.99
PAGES: 173
PRINT ISBN: 9781953387004
DIGITAL ISBN: 9781953387011
RELEASE DATE: 3/23/2021


Night Rooms by Gina Nutt

"Night Rooms is a brilliant, beautiful, boundlessly inventive book."
—Jeannie Vanasco, author of Things We Didn't Talk About When I Was a Girl

"Night Rooms is vulnerable, cinematic, and positively transcendent."
—Chelsea Hodson, author of Tonight I'm Someone Else


In a horror movie, an infected character may hide a bite or rash, an urge, an unwellness. She might withdraw or act out, or behave as if nothing is the matter, nothing has happened. Any course of action opposite saying how she feels suggests suffering privately is preferable to the anticipated betrayal of being cast out.

Night Rooms is a poetic, intimate collection of personal essays that weaves together fragmented images from horror films and cultural tropes to meditate on anxiety and depression, suicide, body image, identity, grief, and survival.

Whether competing in shopping mall beauty pageants, reflecting on childhood monsters and ballet lessons, or recounting dark cultural ephemera while facing grief and authenticity in the digital age, Gina Nutt’s shifting style echoes the sub-genres that Night Rooms highlights—spirit-haunted slow burns, possession tales, slashers, and revenge films with a feminist bent.

Refracting life through the lens of horror films, Night Rooms masterfully leaps between reality and movies, past and present—because the “final girl’s” story is ultimately a survival story told another way.


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"This collection has a medatative quality about it, each a slight hurt, as if pressing gently on a bruise... Nutt navigates metaphor like an expert butcher—cutting and curing words until we're left with something totally new, a different animal than the original thought. A wonderful gift for anyone who has experienced loss, or an assault, any sort of violation that has guided them into their own night room."
—Aimée Keeble, Main Street Books (NC), Highly Recommending

"[Nutt] spins a striking tale of survival and loss in this haunting essay collection. Nutt uses familiar tropes from horror films as a window into her thinking... Lovers of the personal essay will be thrilled by this innovative collection."
—Publishers Weekly

"Whether she’s uncovering connections between her homebuyer’s course and haunted house movies, her wedding anniversary and Victorian taxidermy tableaux, or her shopping mall’s glass elevator and destiny, Gina Nutt writes prose so astonishing I want to read it in an MRI machine just to confirm that every part of my brain indeed lit up. Night Rooms is a brilliant, beautiful, boundlessly inventive book."
—Jeannie Vanasco, author of Things We Didn't Talk About When I Was a Girl

"Night Rooms is vulnerable, cinematic, and positively transcendent. Gina Nutt uses themes and details from horror films as a way into a meditation on the deaths she's experienced in her own life, acting as a kind of literary final girl, asking, what does it mean to survive? Nutt's exploration of this question is captivating to read, as her chainsaw-sharp sentences carve a path toward the truth. I love this book."
—Chelsea Hodson, author of Tonight I'm Someone Else

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Gina Nutt author of Night Rooms
Gina Nutt is the author of the poetry collection Wilderness Champion. She earned her MFA from Syracuse University. Her writing has appeared in Cosmonauts Avenue, Joyland, Ninth Letter, and other publications.

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FORMAT: Paperback, gatefold
LIST PRICE: $15.99
PAGES: 173
PRINT ISBN: 9781953387004
DIGITAL ISBN: 9781953387011
RELEASE DATE: 3/23/2021
SIZE: 5.5" x 7.5"

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