Two Dollar Radio Guide to Vegan Cooking (PREORDER)

a cookbook & essays by
Jean Claude van Randy & Speed Dog

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PAGES: 112
PRINT ISBN: 9781937512958
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RELEASE DATE: 9/7/2020


Imagine 'Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain.' But focused on hyping vegan food. Crossed with Scooby Doo. A vegan diet is trending and Two Dollar Radio Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, has become a vegan food mecca thanks to celebrity chefs, Jean Claude van Randy and Speed Dog. Join them in this Guide as they craft delectable recipes, solve mysteries, and slay Vegan Hunger Demons.


If you've searched online for a recipe, you've likely encountered a digressive treatise on family history or mundane childhood reflection, none of which actually has anything to do with how to make enchilada sauce. After extensive scrolling, you've really only uncovered that self-taught chef/blogger Linda needs to talk to a professional counselor about her relationship with her mother.

In this Two Dollar Radio Guide to Vegan Cooking, executive vegan chefs Jean Claude van Randy and Speed Dog unearth a fount of vegan cheffing knowledge. In addition to exquisite recipes and vegan life hacks, they, too, view food as a story: nary a meal is prepared without recalling when Speed Dog summited Goat Peak in Banff armed with nothing more than a sack full of cherry ring pops and a wily pack burro.

This Guide to Vegan Cooking is for you if:

  • You're looking for satisfying vegan food;
  • interested in a vegan diet but unwilling to give up cheese;
  • accessible vegan recipes that don't require hard-to-find ingredients you have to google and can't pronounce;
  • the adventurous tales behind the meals.

    We are all explorers, vegan food explorers — join us on this culinary journey as we slay Vegan Hunger Demons.

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    One is not simply born a Jean Claude; one must become a Jean Claude. The title is earned. No, Jean Claude van Randy was born with an unassuming name (Randall) in an unassuming city (Sheboygan, Wisconsin 53081). He had a bike with a kickstand and liked to race his friends from the cul-de-sac to the fancy, “uppity” stoplight of Lincoln Boulevard. He infrequently won. Randy has two embossed certificates that you can't touch above his mahogany desk in his executive chef's office at Two Dollar Radio Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, and prefers you refer to his hair decisions as a Kentucky Waterfall, not a mullet — Jean Claude van Damme never had to answer these questions.

    Speed Dog's the drummer in the band. He likes cherry ring pops, adventuring, and vegan cheffing. After his Aunt Louise asked him to write a column in her newspaper, the Lake Erie Weekly Herald, dishing on all things Cleveland, Geneva-on-the-Lake, and Upper Ashtabula, he became a syndicated food columnist.

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    FORMAT: Paperback, full-color, illustrations
    LIST PRICE: $14.99
    PAGES: 112
    PRINT ISBN: 9781937512958
    RELEASE DATE: 9/7/2020
    SIZE: 5.5" x 5.5"

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