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    • The Drop Edge of Yonder (Ebook) QUICK VIEW The Drop Edge of Yonder (Ebook) a novel by
      Rudolph Wurlitzer

      A Best Book of 2008
      "The most hallucinogenic western you'll ever catch in the movie house of your mind's eye."

      Rudolph Wurlitzer’s first novel in nearly 25 years is an epic adventure that explores the truth and temptations of the American myth.

      The Drop Edge of Yonder (Ebook)

      a novel by
      Rudolph Wurlitzer

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    • Radio Iris (Ebook) QUICK VIEW Radio Iris (Ebook) a novel by
      Anne-Marie Kinney

      "'The Office' as scripted
      by Kafka."
      Minneapolis Star-Tribune

      Deals with watercooler culture in an artful and existential way, delivering an eerie allegory of our modern recession.

      Radio Iris (Ebook)

      a novel by
      Anne-Marie Kinney

      $ 8.99 $ 10.00
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      Radio Iris has a lovely, eerie, anxious quality to it. Iris's observations are funny, and the story has a dramatic otherworldly payoff that is unexpected and triumphant.
      —Deb Olin Unferth, New York Times Book Review, Editors' Choice

      Radio Iris is the story of Iris Finch, a socially awkward daydreamer with a job as the receptionist/personal assistant to an eccentric and increasingly absent businessman. When Iris is not sitting behind her desk waiting for the phone to ring, she makes occasional stabs at connection with the earth and the people around her through careful observation and insomniac daydreams, always more watcher than participant as she shuttles between her one-bedroom apartment and the office she inhabits so completely, yet has never quite understood. 

      Her world cracks open with the discovery of “the man next door.” Over the next few weeks or months (the passage of time is iffy for Iris), she takes it upon herself to learn everything she can about this stranger. But the closer she gets to him, the more troubling questions at the heart of her own life rise to the surface, questions likeWhy does she keep having the same dream? Why is it that she and her brother don’t seem to have a single shared memory of their childhood? What is it her boss actually does? In the end, Iris is faced with a choice she never imagined, and a reality she never knew enough to dread.