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An Interview with Brett Gregory

Brett Gregory, Radio Waves blog by Two Dollar Radio

As we are wont to do, and to prove to all the skeptics out there that we are run by human beings and not automatons, we have an interview for you with our newest employee, Brett Gregory, who has just started working with us in an official capacity. Welcome, Brett!

Like how we find all our employees apparently, I worked with Brett at a bar. We met the first day of training before it opened. Brett studied English at OSU, and is in a band called Emily & the Complexes. I think we first started talking about books and literature because he subscribed to Poets & Writers and spotted Two Dollar Radio in an article they ran about the publication of Shane Jones's novel, Crystal Eaters.

Molly conducted the following interview with Brett about Lana del Rey, his cat, and Beyonce's "Lemonade."

Q: How has Lana del Rey influenced you personally?
BG: If I could be anything in the world (other than a cowboy), I would be Lana del Rey. She is a fascinating person because I’m not entirely sure she is a person at all. She is a vehicle for the Lana del Rey brand. I realize she is a lot of what’s wrong with the shallowness of popular culture, but I eat up every second. Personally, I just spend a lot of time listening to her records and watching her music videos. She also recently released a music video featuring Josh Tillman (Father John Misty). He is another internet monster that I’m in love with. These are the type of celebrity/music icons who can do whatever they want because if people love it, they are cool, and if people hate it, they are even cooler. She taught me how to look cool holding an American flag over my head.

Q: How did you first hear about Two Dollar Radio?
BG: Eric and I met while working at a local bar. He was the first friend I made when the place opened. He didn’t mention Two Dollar Radio for the longest time. When he humbly mentioned that he and his wife, Eliza, ran a publishing company, I checked out the website and bought Binary Star because I was drawn to the cover. Sarah Gerard blew up my brain in the best way. I then bought a t-shirt. Then some more books. Then began heckling Eric to help read submissions. I started interning/volunteering whenever I could and now I can proudly say that I work for Two Dollar Radio.

Q: What are some of your interests/background?
BG: I like cat things, coffee, coffee, coffee, really short poems, old country songs about heartbreak and booze, shitty beer, soccer, truck stops, music, stealing HBO Go and Netflix accounts, good books, the smell of pine trees, whiskey, oxford commas, and whiskey.

Q: What is your favorite Two Dollar Radio title?
BG: I can’t pick a favorite, but one that sticks with me is Haints Stay by Colin Winnette. Someone described the book as a Western set inside of a snow globe. It bends storytelling in the most familiar and unfamiliar ways. I also had the pleasure of spending a weekend with Colin at the 2015 Pygmalion Festival in Illinois. A book becomes a lot better when you genuinely like the author. I hate seeing a band for the first time after loving their record just to find out they act like assholes on stage. It ruins the music for me. With Colin, it was the opposite.

Q: What are you listening to these days?
BG: “Lemonade” by Beyonce (obvi). I listen to a lot of Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, Father John Misty, Waxahatchee, and Lana del Rey. Some smaller bands I’ve been listening to are Bent Denim, Dear Blanca, and Mothers. I’ve also been listening to some old Skeeter Davis and Beverly Kenney. I grew up on punk rock.
Brett Gregory and Frances on Radio Waves blog by Two Dollar Radio
Q: Tell me about Frances.
BG: Frances is my fluffy, fat cat and best friend. My girlfriend, Emily, feeds her way too much. Frances loves bacon and killing bugs outside. She sleeps harder than any creature on the planet.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in Columbus?
BG: My favorite thing to do in general is to drink in dark bars, but I suppose I can do that anywhere. My second favorite thing is going to the movies. I love love love going to the independent theaters in the city. I also really enjoy catching bands play shows at the smaller venues around town. When the weather permits, riding my bike is definitely the most efficient and enjoyable way to get around.

Q: Tell me about Rod.
BG: Rod is my alter-ego. He’s like me, but has more fun and wears a mustache. He drinks High Life like water and loves to gripe about his wife, Bev.

Q: What was it like working on The Removals?
BG: I had no idea what I was doing in The Removals. Eric asked if I’d like to play a small role and I definitely couldn’t pass up the opportunity. It was a pleasure to meet Nicholas Rombes and Milly Sanders. One being a published author, one being a professional actor—two things I find very cool. I had read Nick’s book, The Absolution of Roberto Acestes Laing, so it was great to work with him in person. I knew nothing about the script. I was just told where to show up and what to wear. Everyone made it really comfortable and easy while filming. Maybe too easy. After shooting my small scenes, they would say, “that was good,” but in my head I would think, “really??” It was an exciting experience and something I am very proud to be a part of. Hopefully it launches my acting career.

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