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  • On the Dial

    Brett: I'm a podcast newbie, but recently stumbled upon this podcast called "Talk Easy" (with Sam Fragosa) based in SF. They recently did a podcast with Mac DeMarco. Mac's music isn't my favorite, but like how most people feel, he's... Read more →

  • Characters must be "treated well, even in fiction."

    Fiction is subjective. You're supposed to have an opinion, and we've always aimed to inspire a reaction in readers, whether positive or negative. We don't want to publish a long list of meh titles, or to have you close a... Read more →

  • An Interview with Liv Birdsall, Our New Intern!

    Look who just added another real human being to their roster! ;) ;) Liv Birdsall is an English major at Ohio State University. Liv contacted us almost a year ago asking about internship opportunities and her time has finally come... Read more →